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Changes in Shopping Trends in the COVID-19 Pandemic & Ramadan 2020, Shopee survey

Shopee Big Ramadhan Sale

Who among you became more frequent online shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic? During the call for physical distancing and being at home, one of the favorite activities is shopping or just looking at e-commerce.

Of course, this has led to changes in shopping behavior trends amid new routines centered at home. One of the largest online shopping platforms in Indonesia, Shopee provides a comfortable shopping experience for its users at home, while noting some of the trends that have occurred when the current pandemic continues.

Currently, Shopee is running a Big Ramadhan Sale #ShopeeDariRumah campaign, a reflection of Shopee to keep the business running normally and users get easy access to essential needs in a pandemic.

Handhika Jahja, Shopee Indonesia Director said that shopping online is one of the community’s efforts to meet various needs, and also to break the chain of the spread of Covid-19. “Because of the importance of the role of e-commerce in people’s lives today, Shopee will continue to strive to provide convenience and convenience to the shopping experience for all.”

Shopping Trends During the Pandemic Period & First Week of Ramadan

Shopee Ramadan shopping trends 2020

Not only hobbies, electronics, or secondary needs, people also shop online for essential needs and home equipment. Shopee noted that the products with the highest increase in demand in the midst of a pandemic were home appliances, food and beverages, and the needs of mothers and babies.

Seeing this trend, Shopee strives to keep product prices at a reasonable level and to ensure the availability of the stock of goods. The need for sanitation also increased, almost three times for hand sanitizer products and fabric masks during the first month of the application of the physical appeal of the government.

In addition, the most sought after categories in the first week of Ramadan 2020 are Muslim fashion, beauty, home decor and cellphones and accessories. Yes, even though people are required to worship at home, it does not reduce their enthusiasm to perform better. While interest in the category of home decor is very reasonable when it increases, because people spend far more time at home.

The Next Big Surprise of Ramadhan Sale Next From Shopee

The climax of the first Big Ramadhan Sale campaign took place on May 5th. At that time, the most sought after products were motorcycle accessories, veils, and Muslim women’s clothing, as well as kitchen accessories. Yes, not a few people who hone their cooking techniques to spend time while at home.

Later, the peak of the Big Ramadhan Sale #ShopeeDariRumah campaign will be again on May 11, 2020, where the Big Ramadhan THR sale will be held where users will be spoiled with 11 attractive promos. Next, there will be Extra Day THR which will be held on May 15, 2020. “We hope that the series of programs that Shopee has prepared can continue to be a reliable online shopping solution for users,” concluded Handhika.

Source: Gizmologi.ID

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