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Facebook Messenger Kids Available in 70+ Countries including Indonesia

facebook messenger kids

As one of the most social media users, Facebook also continues to develop its messenger platform. Previously, Facebook Messenger has been updated with improved performance and integration of Google Pay payment methods.

This time, it’s the messenger platform for kids, Facebook Messenger Kids improved. Starting April 22, Facebook Messenger is available in more than 70 countries and will continue to grow in the future. Facebook hopes this application can be used for communication during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Facebook does that in view of the needs of the community currently implementing physical distancing, where schools are closed and classes are held digitally between teachers and students. Applications like Facebook Messenger Kids can be used as a medium of communication between schools and friends and family.

Facebook Messenger Kids Comes to Indonesia

facebook messenger kids

Facebook builds Messenger Kids with third-party teams that focus on child safety and development, as well as organizations such as Safer Internet Day and the Agent of Change Foundation. Along with the release of this application for more countries, Facebook introduced three new features to make it easier for children to connect with friends.

Previously, each contact who would become a child’s account had to go through a parent account first. Now Facebook Messenger Kids has a vised Supervised Friending ’feature, where parents can free children to add or accept friend invitations, but still can make decisions if needed.

When a child’s account accepts new friends, parents will get a notification via Messenger. Information is available in the Parent Dashboard panel, which can also view children’s activities while using the application. This feature will be present in the United States first, following other countries in the near future.

In addition, the group feature will also be present for this special application for children. This is based on the need for children’s participation in a sports club, extracurricular activities, and so on. Both teachers, parents, and heads of organizations will be able to take advantage of this feature soon. After joining a group, each member is free to communicate with each other both in groups and personally.

Privacy takes precedence on Facebook Messenger Kids

facebook messenger kids

In addition, of course, what is important for a child’s application is parental access to control the child’s account to stay safe. application Facebook Messenger Kids built with the preferred Parental Control feature. Through the Parent Dashboard display, parents can easily download information about their child’s application data at any time.

The Indonesian version of this article can be read in Gizmologi.ID

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