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LINE Creativate 2017 Offers More Than Rp 350 Million Reward for Creative People


Feel creative and like to pour crazy ideas in the digital medium? Maybe you’re the person you’re looking for to be the winner in LINE Creativate 2017.

Carrying the theme of “Indonesia Performance Creative” this competition takes place from 2 August to 8 October 2017 with prizes offered more than Rp 350 million. Not only that, the work of the winners is also published on LINE’s creative application platfrom.

Claimed as the biggest LINE competition in Southeast Asia, LINE Creativate 2017 third year back supported by Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF). In fact, they will collaborate to hold roadshows in seven cities in Indonesia, namely Yogyakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Bandung, Medan, Banjarmasin, and Denpasar from 19 August.

“Our hope, LINE Creativate 2017 can be an inspiration for Indonesian people to create with a touch that is relevant to the local content and also useful for creative economic ecosystems so as to open opportunities for creative people in Indonesia,” said Ongki Kurniawan, Managing Director of LINE Indonesia.

What the hell that will be diperlombakan in LINE Creativate 2017 event? Here are the categories:

Photo and Video

Here you are challenged to make various photos or videos that contain local wisdom and unique traditions in your neighborhood community, such as culinary, culture, games, local products, graphic arts, buildings, clothing, music, and dance. Creative content that you can post on Instagram with hashtag #UnjukKreasiLokalmu. Anyway, your work must be “Indonesia Banget” according to the theme!

LINE Sticker

Who is not proud if the results of creativity so material LINE Sticker? Well, you can make a sticker design with the theme “Muatan Lokal” which lifts local content in accordance with what is happening in the people of Indonesia. The slang languages that are trending in society can also be a good inspiration, Gizmolovers!


Got a talent to make comics? Means you fit into this category competition, Gizmolovers. Here you can make a short webtoon themed “Hari Berarti” to explore the situation or important events that occurred on the day and make it as the central theme of the story as a whole.

LINE Chatbot

You do not feel good image but good at programming? Just follow this competition, where you are invited to develop chatbot on the LINE platform by using Messaging API with Game and Utilitas category. The theme is “Indonesia Banget” whose purpose is to promote local cultures in Indonesia.

Oh yes, for you who follow this competition will be a part of 2 million more creative Indonesian players who have worked on the LINE platform. In fact, the number increased 58%  since the LINE Creativate 2016.

Still confused? Just click www.linecreativate.com for more information, let you not confused again to follow the competition category which one fits you.

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