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AirPods Max, Apple’s First Wireless Headphones with ANC


When launched the iPhone 12 series, it was rumored if Apple will also release an audio device in the form of headphones. At that time, the product was reportedly called “Apple Studio”, considering that Apple had acquired Beats. But last night (9/12), Apple suddenly inaugurated a new product, AirPods Max.

No, these aren’t AirPods in a larger dimension. AirPods Max is the first wireless headphone, which is claimed to have easy connection and sound quality as good as AirPods products, only in a larger dimension with an over-ear design. This device comes in attractive color combinations, and the price is quite expensive.

When viewed up close, the AirPods Max design does seem as detailed as possible to provide comfort. The head or headband looks a little different, it is made of “breathable” mesh kit material, which is claimed to not weigh down the top of the head. Other materials such as stainless steel frames also provide high strength and flexibility for various head sizes.
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The AirPods Max Has a Premium, Distortion-Free Design

AirPods Max

Including the ear cups and ear cushions or earpads, which if needed to be replaced, will cost up to USD60 or Rp.849 thousand. On the ear cups, there is a similar Digital Crown dial Apple Watch. So that users can adjust the volume with precision and other controls such as play / pause, activation of Siri or telephone.

Each left and right is equipped with a dynamic driver measuring 40mm, which is claimed to deliver quality audio. The magnetic motor design is specifically designed so that the AirPods Max can have less than 1% harmony distortion, even at maximum volume. There are also a total of four microphones; three facing outside and one facing inward.

The microphone is useful for activating the active noise cancellation feature and transparency mode, which can be activated via a special noise control button. Also present is the Adaptive EQ feature to adjust the sound output according to the song being listened to, and Spatial Audio for three-dimensional sound effects. Thanks to the use of 10 audio cores in AirPods Max.

Other features are similar to other AirPods series, namely wear detection which automatically plays a song and stops it when released. The device will also appear automatically via a pop-up notification on the Apple smartphone. For the durability of the battery itself, it can run for up to 20 hours of use, including the ANC feature on. Alias ​​can take longer without ANC.

What is quite unique, this device needs to be charged using a lightning cable, not USB-C. Want to connect it to other devices with a cable? Apple has just sold a new accessory, namely the 3.5mm lightning to audio jack cable, for USD35 (Rp.490 thousand).

Price of AirPods Max

Case AirPods Max

Then how expensive did Apple sell its first wireless headphones? AirPods Max selling for USD549, or IDR 7.7 million. This price includes a Smart Case which automatically puts the device into ultralow power mode, to save battery life.

Global availability will be presented starting December 15 in the United States and 25 other countries. With a relatively premium price, Apple will compete with Sony and other manufacturers that have long been known to release wireless headphones with ANC features.

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