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Here are 3 New Wacom Tablets for Creative Workers in Indonesia


For most people, Wacom’s name may still sound familiar or unfamiliar. But this is not the case among creative workers, especially those with graphics, pens, and tablets. Wacom has long been recognized as a leading manufacturer of graphical devices.

This Japanese technology company has been doing a number of innovations since 1980. One of the main technology is a digital pen with electrostatic technology. This technology allows people to design and work without limit. This main product makes a company that pioneered the use of digital pen-based technology used in the creative world today.

Wacom’s digital pen is not only sold under its own brand, but it is also used for other products. One of the most famous is used as S Pen in the ranks of Samsung Galaxy Note. Now, the company wants to be better known by users in Indonesia. Especially to meet the community equipment for creativity and work.

“Our mission is to inspire and meet the needs of the world community to make the world a more creative place,” said Senior Director of Sales & Marketing, Asia Pacific Wacom Co., Ltd., KS Ong in a press conference held at Kembang Goela, Jakarta ( 26/10).

The launch of Wacom pen & tablet products in Jakarta

Then, they introduced three new tablets for the Indonesian market. The product is a tablet Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet, Wacom Cintiq Pro, and Wacom Mobile Studio Pro. These three fixtures are Wacom’s flagship product for the creative industry. What does the Wacom tablet look like for this creative worker? Read the explanation below.

Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet

The latest generation of Intuos Pro series provides a number of new features and advantages for artists, designers, and photographers who want the best performance from their creative devices. This latest tablet has a digital pen technology that has 4x accuracy and higher pressure sensitivity than the previous product.

The Intuos Pro series of touch-pen and touch-screen products are born of customer feedback, with a particular focus on the importance of paper in the creative process and the desire to be easily connected with the digital side of the creative work process.

Intuos Pro Paper Edition

Interestingly, the Intuos Pro Paper Edition tablet features some amazing features such as Paper Clip as an add-on (to attach favorite artist’s drawing paper), touch-sensitive ink pen and Wacom Inkspace App to change the image for use with creative software applications. The App Inkspace app also lets users store and share work in WacomCloud systems.

Users easily sketch anywhere with the Intuos Pro Paper Edition feature. Includes Fine Tip Pen. This product allows users to move digital copies into PC devices using any 2D and 3D creative software. Intuos Pro is priced at Rp5.800.000 – Rp9.110.000, -.

Wacom Cintiq Pro

The Cintiq Pro tablet enriches the creative process with its new, sleek, slim design. This product is easily inserted into a laptop bag or backpack and easily brought to various work locations and computers.

Both high-end Cintiq Pro models are equipped with edge-to-edge glass surfaces optimized for creative platforms. Cintiq Pro also features 4x digital pen technology with higher accuracy and pressure sensitivity. Do not forget the features of gesture multi-touch and ExpressKeys timber, which can be arranged.

The Cintiq Pro 13 and 16 tablets can be used on MacBooks and personal computers (PCs), each with full HD (1920×1080) resolution for 13 inches and ultra HD (3840×2160) sizes for 16 inches. The price, for 13 inches size is Rp17.400.000, -, while the 16-inch version of Rp25.700.000, -.

Wacom Mobile Studio Pro

Wacom Mobile Studio Pro is a lightweight, tough, tablet-shaped mobile computer with new pen technology for active digital content creators. Due to its very complete and powerful features, it is like carrying a studio wherever and whenever it goes.

MobileStudio Pro provides high-class feel and accuracy. Combined with Wacom Pro Pen 2 with pen accuracy and 4x higher pressure sensitivity, MobileStudio Pro is claimed to be the latest creative tool for serious 2-D, 3-D and CAD artists and designers today. The tablet has an enlarged resolution, advanced graphics display, solid color display, and 3-D cameras and other innovations.

This product has a camera capable of scanning 3-dimensional objects. Creative professionals are also made easier with computing systems and graphics capabilities in running 2D, 3D, and CAD software everywhere. Tablets are available in 2 sizes, namely, 16 and 13 inches also has a 4K display screen. Mobile Studio Pro is priced around Rp31.000.000 – Rp50.800.000, -.

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