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3 Ways to Cool Overheating Smartphone


Are you having a problem with your smartphone getting overheating when you use it? There are many ways to cool your overheating smartphone. Overheating smartphone is very annoying and dangerous.

It can broke your phone internally and it also have a minimum chance of exploding so be careful with it. Also a hot smartphone was annoying, because it will felt uncomfortable in your hand and make you anxious whether it will explode or not, even if the chance is small, there is still a chance to it to happen.

In this article I will give you four ways other than letting the phone cool itself. With this I hope it will help your problem with overheating smartphone.

overheating smartphone

1. Use an Application

In this way you can install an application to help you cool your phone in software part. Most of the overheating problem comes from some naughty app working in the background without you knowing and use a lot of power and RAM.

So if you install an application that meant to cool your phone you can reduce the heat of your smartphone, because it will detect an app that run on the background an disable it. So with this you can manage your RAM also you can decrease the heat of your phone.

This way was the easiest

2. Cooling Gadget

Right now where mobile gaming became famous, many people play game in their smartphone. Many like to play for hours and because of that prolong game playing will make the phone overheat.

Also many smartphone doesn’t have a proper cooling system. So if you want to play game for long time you can buy some cooling gadget or even make one. If you want to buy it, there is various cooling gadget with various price.

If you want to make it you can find the tutorial in YouTube. This way is a bit pricy but still worth it.

3. Installing Cooling System

Different from the cooling app, this way let you cool your overheating smartphone internally but using Hardware. You can install a cooling system in your smartphone.

Like many other gaming Phone like Asus R.O.G, Razer, etc. that have am in build liquid cooling system. You can also have cooling system for your smartphone. It’s an advanced technology that was introduced to new gen smartphone. This way is harder than the other two but its more efficient

There is still many ways to cool your smartphone and one of them is put your overheating smartphone in a freezer for a minute or less. This is the cheapest and easiest way. So what do you choose?

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