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HTC U Ultra, Dual Screen Smartphone with Artificial Intelligence Technology


In the time of smartphone brands from China like Oppo, Huawei and Vivo are enjoying the harvest, not so with Taiwanese vendors are experiencing stagnant. Unless Asus are still in demand in the market, Acer suffered the fate of bad and even shut down mobile phone sales in India (including the rumors in Indonesia). Likewise with the HTC which is still bleeding. Try to reverse the fate, in the beginning of this year HTC launched two new products namely HTC U Ultra and HTC U Play as a marker ready to compete in the arena of smartphones.

Of both smartphones, the HTC U the Ultra is the flagship version while U Play is the affordable version. Of course, we are more interested to write about HTC U Ultra, which offers higher specifications and advanced features. Well, what is interesting from this phone? Let’s find out.

Artificial Intelligence in HTC U Ultra

A breakthrough in HTC U Ultra is, it has been equipped with the technology of artificial intelligence. AI technologies are part of the features in the latest version of the Sense UI in a new application called “Sense of Companion”. Using AI technology, this app acts as a companion to the one who always learn from the user, and the things you do every day. Such as phone, contacts, notifications, apps and battery management.

Sense Companion can suggest that you dress warm and leave a little earlier for work if snow is forecasted; remind you to take a power bank on longer trips; and even recommend a restaurant when you’re away for the weekend and then book seats for you.

The point is, after learning of the habit of users, this phone will intelligently create recommendations, manage what You see, remind information of a specific contact, manage unused apps, provide tips and control for the battery based on the habit of using a mobile phone. The most important, it’s made to evolve and get to know you better over time.

HTC U Ultra comes with voice recognition built-in. So it’s able to recognize your voice and respond, even if it’s asleep. Just say the word to take or reject incoming calls, snooze or dismiss an alarm, send messages and even begin hands-free navigation.

But keep in mind, the approach of AI technologies in the Sense Companion instead of on the virtual assistant, but more on understanding the habits of users and how to maximize the device. For functions other advanced, HTC still relies on the Google API for voice control, Google Now.


HTC U Ultra features a large screen with a diagonal of 5.7-inch QHD display of resolution 1080p. Interestingly, this phone have a secondary screen in the top of the body, give us a little new sensation. Screen-sized 2-inch inches with the placement of the almost identical like the LG V20.

The function of the secondary display is showing important information such as upcoming appointments or can be configured to display notifications, frequently used apps and much more. This concept is basically not new, as Samsung has mempeloporinya through the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge followed by Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

The phone has a new design language of HTC, which is dominated by the glass full curved “liquid surface” with the accented metal. The mobile phone retains the fingerprint sensor on the front that also functions as a home button, flanked by menu capacitive back and recents.

Follow the style of the iPhone 7, there is no headphone jack on this phone. HTC adopts the USB-C port for high quality audio which also serves to charge the phone and also transfer data.

HTC U Ultra reinforced Snapdragon processor 821, RAM 4GB and internal memory of 64GB and an SD card slot. The camera is very similar to that found on the HTC 10, namely the sensor 12MP UltraPixel with 1.55-micron pixels and an aperture of f/1.8. There are new additions that have adopted the PDAF (Phase Detection Auto Focus) to increase the speed of the laser when the arrangement of the focus. Meanwhile in the sector of audio, BoomSound which is the mainstay of HTC found also here.

This phone is unfortunately only equipped with a battery capacity is relatively small for the moment, that is only 3000 mAh. Of course here we are more hope on the optimization software so that the battery can be more durable. Fortunately, HTC U Ultra is also equipped with Quick Charge 3.0 for fast charging.


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