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Samsung Releases New Fitnes Tracker Galaxy Fit R370N


After Xiaomi releases its new Mi Band, Samsung also releases its own wearable devices to compete in the market. They release the Samsung Galaxy Fit R370N, it’s main use is Fitness tracker. You can say that it is a sports series Smartwatch.

This South Korean company is equipped Galaxy Fit R370N with a pretty big screen for a fitness tracker that is 0.95-inch Full Colored AMOLED screen. It also had a high resolution with 240 x 120 pixel. Like its predecessor Gear Fit 2 Pro, This device also waterproof until 5-meter depth so you can wear it when you swimming. It even Fulfilled the MIL-STD 810 standard.

It has a 120mAh battery, it maybe sounds not much but it can last 7 days straight. Galaxy Fit R370N also have various cool features such as it can monitor the pulse of your heart, which is the standard for premium Smartwatch.

Samsung Galaxy Fit R370NBeside that Galaxy Fit also have another cool feature that is it can analyst your sleep and it can manage stress if you are on stress. These features make the Samsung Galaxy Fit R370N different from other competitors.

The Smartwatch itself has a dimension of 18.3 x 45.1 x 11.2t and weighed 23 gram. It also has 2 variants color that is black and silver. If you look at the feature side, this Galaxy Fit is more complete than others, you can receive notification from your phone and it also able to wireless charging.

For the price of this Smartwatch is Rp 1.600.000, compared to the price of Xiaomi’s Mi Band, the Samsung Galaxy Fit R370N is much more expensive. The price is much more expensive is because the feature was more complete and have better quality and it targeted high-end customer who loves the sport or does exercise.

So what do Gizmolovers think? are you interested in this cool smartwatch?

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