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The Gadget is a term that comes from the English language, which means a small electronic device that has a specific function. In Indonesia, a gadget called a “acang” or also known as “gawai”.

Well, what a difference the gadget with other electronic devices?. The most striking of these differences is the element of “renewal”. Simply put, the gadget is an electronic device that has the update from day to day with present the latest technology so as to make human life more practical.

In its development, the gadget experienced the expansion of meaning. Now the gadget or device not only defined as an electronic device (physical form), but has developed also into software (visual form). Nevertheless, that is still the same, i.e. a feature that is constantly evolving and updated to facilitate human activities.

One of the things that distinguishes the gadget with other electronic devices. That is, from day to day the gadget always shows up with presents the newest technology that makes human life become more practical.

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