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Accelerate Improving the Quality of Indonesian Education Through Donation of USB Flash Drive


When the world is busy with the development of Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning, not a few high school graduates in the remote who even wrote an email can not. Concerns about the quality of education in Indonesia is what triggers the Akademi Berbagi and Inibudi.org held the 1945 Flash Drive Movement program (Gerakan 1945 Diska Lepas).

The two nonprofit organizations initiated the invitation to collect as many as 1945 flash drive to the public. The USB flash drive will be distributed to schools spread across the territory of Indonesia to accelerate access to education and also improve the quality of school students.

The program is held not without basis. The Akademi Berbagi cites data from Analytical and Capacity Development Partnership (ACDP) in 2016, which mentions about 48,000 schools out of a total of 165,000 schools run by the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) still lack the facilities to access technology. Other data show that in 2011, as many as 88.8% of schools in Indonesia from elementary to high school have not passed the quality of minimum service standards.

Creative poster of the 1945 Flash Disk Movement program

Ainun Chomsun, Founder of Akademi Berbagi, said that when she was involved in education, she became aware that the problems in education were huge. Because of the magnitude of the problem, it is impossible to do one or two organizations. It takes a lot of parties to actively engage and requires a big commitment because the change takes a long time, effort and huge funds.

The 1945 Flash Drive Movement initiated by the Akademi Berbagi and Inibudi.org is considered as one way to accelerate the improvement of the quality of education. She invites the community to contribute a flash disk with a capacity of 32 GB, at least 16GB.

The target, the number of flash drive collected as many as 1945 pieces with a period of collection for three months from 28 August to 10 November 2017. “USB flash drive that is collected will be filled with educational content learning materials that will then be distributed to several regions in Indonesia. we through this initiation, the quality of technology-based education becomes more advanced, “said Ainun Chomsun.

Meanwhile, Najeela Shihab, Founder of Inibudi.org, said that amidst the rapid technological progress, it requires us to be able to adapt, not to mention Indonesian children who are studying. Inibudi.org has educational materials accessible to anyone from this website or the Youtube.com/inibudiorg network that can be used by students and teachers in formal schools ranging from elementary, middle, and upper schools.

“Unfortunately, there are still some areas that still lack access to education, so that our educational material has not yet been felt by other Indonesian students. All Inibudi.org videos are designed by teachers and people who are competent in their fields, tailored to the objectives and national curriculum materials in line with our commitment to foster students’ full potential through a variety of video public knowledge and personal development,” said Najeela.

They hope that the 1945 Flash Drive Movement can be the beginning to mobilize all elements of society as a realization of concern for education in Indonesia. To contribute to improving the quality and equity of education throughout Indonesia.

People who want to donate to the 1945 Flash Drive movement can send to the Akademi Berbagi office on Jl Kaium Jaya No 17 Cilandak, South Jakarta or to Inibudi office on Jl. Oranges Puruk No 11, Cilandak, South Jakarta. And can also be through the donation of money for the purchase of a freelance disc through the Kita Bisa page

After the collection and completion period of the material is completed on November 10, 2017, the flash drive will begin to be distributed to schools, especially in eastern Indonesia that work together with Taman Bacaan Pelangi, as well as for other areas such as Sumatra, Kalimantan and Java using the Akademi Berbagi network spread to various cities in Indonesia.

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