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4G LTE Network of Hutchison Tri Reach 227 City in Indonesia

Hutchison Tri

Although seemed the slowest in adopting the 4G LTE service, but Hutchison Tri did not keep silent. In the beginning of the year 2017, they began to dare to show his strength expanding the network aggressively. Simultaneously, they roll out 4G LTE network in 227 district/city, 1.769 district and 7.296 villages in 25 provinces, stretching from Lhokseumawe to Manado, includes the islands of Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Java and Bali with the 4G LTE network.

According to the company, the 4G LTE network of Hutchison Tri is present to answer the needs of the mobile internet for the entire population of Indonesia continues to increase. Up to this time the average consumption of the customer data Tri every month to reach 3.5 GB, and almost 70% of his used to access multimedia.

Randeep Sing Sekhon, President Director Tri Indonesia said digital services and multimedia are expected to experience rapid growth this year and in the future, the success of the service is supported by the infrastructure of the mobile internet became the main channel of the passage of such a service. “With the expansion of the 4G LTE network to Tri, we encourage customers to use messaging application, streaming, download or upload various rich contents with the best quality,” said Randeep.

To enjoy 4G network LTE Tri, the customer must use a SIM card 4G LTE and a phone that supports 4G LTE network. SIM card 4G LTE Tri has been available in the 3Store and all over the counter that

To enjoy 4G LTE network from Hutchison Tri, the customer must use a 4G LTE SIM card and a phone that supports 4G LTE network. 4G LTE SIM card of Tri has been available in the 3Store and all over the counter that sells Tri’s card. The existing customer of Tri can swap the 3G SIM card with 4G at no extra cost in all 3Store or all of the sales counter card provider that works together with a Tri, or contact 3Care in the number 123 to do the delivery directly to the customer.


Coverage map of 4G LTE network of Hutchison Tri

In addition to the expansion of the 4G LTE network aggressively, Hutchison Tri dare to give freedom to speak to the entire destination number in Indonesia even to the world without quota or pay-as-you-talk. Tri customer can enjoy this benefit with the use of talk features in WhatsApp, Line, We Chat and BBM without cutting credit and the quota in the entire Tri’s Network either 3G or 4G LTE. Even with the presence of 4G LTE technology, the quality of the sound given will be increasingly crystal clear high definition.

4G LTE Internet and freedom call from Tri are expected to help the younger generation of Indonesia in realizing its ambition. Randeep added that the commitment of Tri in Indonesia will continue in the future. Tri would like to invite the entire community in Indonesia that always daring ambition and achieve any ambition. With the breadth of 4G LTE network and innovative products, will give you the freedom of the people of Indonesia to work up to the global scene. “Now, both the urban community and people living in rural areas can have the same opportunity to achieve their ambition because the mobile internet is the oxygen for all people today,” said Randeep.


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