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Not Just a Trend, This is 6 Benefits of Positive Selfie

benefits of positive selfie

Selfie has now become part of the digital lifestyle. Even for some people, it feels incomplete if a day is not to do a photo selfie. Don’t be surprised if three years ago, this word entry in the Oxford dictionary. With all the controversy, there are actually or not the benefits of positive selfie?

During this time, the selfie is synonymous with narcissism and hobby show. In fact, like any other activity, this activity if done according to the rules also have benefits from both a health physical or mental. Dont believe? Let’s read his review below:

Benefits of Positive Selfie

1.        Make More Excited

Researchers from the University of California Irvine (UCI) found that people who often selfie with a smile without being forced will feel more energized and have a positive image of the higher. So, leave the pose duck face you and expand smile when selfie.

Selfie (Photo: Aju Prasetyo/Pixabay.com)

2. Positive Comments Are A Motivation

Psychologist Jessamy Hibberd said that the positive comments coming from other people to upload selfie photos, provide motivation and can raise the spirits of someone in living their day to day activities.

For example, you intend to lose weight by exercising at night, try documenting in the form of a selfie, it will invite friends in a virtual world that is out there to support your effort. Read the support of them, the course will further increase your spirit to lose weight.

3. More Comfortable with Yourself

Selfie make you feel more comfortable with yourself. When satisfied with the results of the selfie stay, you will not much care about the negative comments that appear from your photo that you uploaded in social media. You will feel more happy with positive comments generated by a selfie of your perfect.

Selfie (Photo: Pixabay.com)

4. Help Detect Certain Diseases

The benefits of positive selfie that you might not think is turned out to help detect certain diseases such as eczema or anemia. It is also supported by researchers from the University of Colorado, April Armstrong. He revealed that the selfie can help detect changes that occur on the skin. In fact, two medical students in Australia create an app called Eyenaemia, namely an app that can detect anaemia through the eyes of someone. Then it is very important to have a selfie camera that can make us not only look beautiful but also natural.

5. Make More Creative

Selfie can be a means of social movements because in this digital era you are required to be more creative. For those of you who can’t get down to the streets to protest or campaign, the selfie you could be the alternative media for your voice and your actions!

It is performed by American singer-songwriter, Alicia Keys who did a campaign without face makeup for women. This campaign aims to encourage women to look beautiful each in his own way. He’s just inspiring some selfies of her face which looks natural in your instagram. Take advantage of the features the beautify can make your face beautiful and charming without the need to make up excessive.

Selfie (Photo: OnkelTukka/Pixabay.com)

6. Enjoy Life

Life must be enjoyed because life is just a minute, right? Well, selfie help you enjoy life more. One of them is Agnes Monica, brand ambassador of Vivo V5 always celebrate each success with selfie ciamik. In addition, he also did not hesitate to invite people who are influential in their lives to selfie together.

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