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Get to Know Acer CloudProfessor, a Platform that makes it easy to create Internet of Things


Internet of Things has become a magic mantra that continues to be echoed technology actors. A concept where all the devices that are around us connect to the internet to facilitate and pamper human life. One of the companies that have been late enough to talk about IoT is Acer. The Taiwanese company is developing a starter kit called Acer CloudProfessor.

I am interested to know more about this Acer CloudProfessor when exhibited in the GenerAcer Day event held at MKG 3, Jakarta, last week. Utilization of IoT technology using Acer CloudProfessor at that time is still fairly simple, that is robotics are controlled through a smartphone or tablet. With the app installed on the tablet, we can drive the robot car to run. This is just one example, certainly, the potential of IoT development is very wide.

This innovation made by Acer has resulted in quite convincing achievement. Acer CloudProfessor product won the nomination for Best Mobile Innovation for Education at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 in Barcelona. In addition, it has recently been awarded as the most interesting IoT product at educational shows in the UK and some countries in Benelux.


Acer CloudProfessor illustration

Acer CloudProfessor is becoming one of Acer’s leading breakthroughs for IoT technology in the world. What’s so special? Because this is the first starter kit in the world that is just about the size of a flash disk that combines hardware (notebooks and smartphones), software, and cloud for connected IoT devices.

According to Dima Setyo, Product Presales Manager of Acer Indonesia, Acer CloudProfessor becomes a device that makes it easy for ordinary people to learn about cloud and IoT because they no longer have to mess around with coding language again. “This is an IoT learning kit for easy coding, with a primary target user of 9 to 17 years old, or junior high school, high school, even higher.This technology can guide step by step to develop IoT practically from the cloud,” said Dimas.

Acer CloudProfessor uses popular programming languages like JavaScript, LiveCode, and Blockly. So that students or lay developers can easily learn it using the visual interface needed to innovate. Combined with the Arduino development board, the IoT development platform is capable of supporting a wide range of sensors, ranging from light to temperature to other elements.


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