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Acer Celebrate the 20th Years Anniversary in Indonesia

Acer Day
Acer Day

Recently, Acer celebrates its 20th years of anniversary in Indonesia. They celebrate by holding an event named Acer Day, this event was made to appreciate the users of their loyalty.

Acer Day was an event to appreciate the user and it is the best event for you who want to buy Acer laptop because they will give a ton of prizes and cashback. Actually, this is not the first time the event being held, the first Acer Day was initiated 2 years ago.

Different from the past Acer Day, this time Acer give a special offer to people who participate in this Acer Day. Acer will give the participant many prizes and cashback, the price provided by Acer numbered until 2222 and the cashback until Rp 500.000.

The President Director of Acer Indonesia, Herbert Ang, said “marking the present of Acer for 20 years in Indonesia, this is the perfect moment for us to share the fun of Acer Day with many offers and surprise for our costumer. As the token of our appreciation to our customers through Acer Day, customers can have their dream laptop with the best offers and also have a chance to win 2222 fun prize, starting from a trip to South Korea, Swift 3 laptop, until Predator gaming headset. All of them can be obtained during Acer Day event.”

Acer Day

In this event Acer also introduced many of their new product, they also introduced the Swift 7 back. The Swift 7 was their proudest product that deemed as the thinnest and lightest laptop in the world. Below is the new product that they introduced.

Swift 3 Acer Day Edition

Acer Day

Swift 3 is a thin but stylish laptop that Acer made, this laptop has been around in the market not long ago. Swift 3 comes with three variant, which is Swift 3 Air, Swift 3 Infinity, and Swift 3 Acer Day Edition.

Special for Swift 3 Acer day Edition, if you bought this laptop during Acer day you can get Rp 500.000 cashback and a printer Canon PIXMA. You can get this laptop with Rp 6.499.000 after cashback.

Gaming Laptop Nitro 5 (AN515-52)

Nitro 5 is a gaming laptop for those casual gamer it comes in various processor and graphic card you can choose. The price of this laptop is around Rp 11 million, but in Acer Day event you can get cashback up to Rp 1 million and a free Nitro mouse.

Other than Nitro 5, Nitro series also have Nitro 7. Both of them are off course superior to Nitro 5.


Acer Day

In this Acer Day, Acer also introduced their new laptop for the first time that is ConceptD. This laptop is meant for those creative people and those creators. They hoped with this laptop it can push the creator in Indonesia to be more productive and giving fresh ideas.

This laptop was equipped with the best processor and the best screen for a creator. The special part of this laptop is their screen and fan. This series also comes in various choice there are ConceptD 5 and ConceptD 7.

The screen of this laptop has a high color precision with 100% Adobe RGB color gamut and support Delta E<1,5 that guarantee the display output more amazing with high color accuracy and the sharpness of the picture better. The fan also very silent in cooling the laptop, it has 4dB, they say it was the same as the silent sound in the library.

Other than buying Acer product you can also play some games on the web site to get the prize from Acer this event will be held on July 18th – September 30th, 2019. Are you guys interested to participate in this event? You can go to www.acerid.com/acer-day to participate in the event.

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