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This is the List of Action Camera & Surveillance Camera EZVIZ Products in Indonesia

EZVIZ action camera

Last week, Hikvision announced its breakthrough in the world of technology for the Indonesian market by launching the EZVIZ brand for smart home and action camera solutions. Its presence is also characterized by the launch of various products from the line.

Ezviz offers a wide range of surveillance cameras as well as high-quality action cameras equipped with a variety of advanced features with cutting edge technology. This manufacturer brings a variety of smart products designed to provide convenience to the user as well as easy to use.

As its debut in Indonesia, EZVIZ products marketed by Hikvision are EZVIZ C2C, C3C, C6T surveillance cameras and EZVIZ S1C and S5 action cameras. For more details, read the following reviews:


Action Camera


EZVIZ S1C is an entry-level class action camera. However, this device supports 1080P @ 30fps video recording with 8MP resolution photos. Its features are quite complete like burst mode with 15 photos per second, and timelapse mode with interval 5 minutes.

In addition, in this camera has a touch screen area of 2 “and super aspheric lens. There is also an innovative distortion correction technology so that the images look more realistic and ensure a fun experience during video recording.

Are you interested? Price action camera EZVIZ S1C only IDR 849,000 (under USD 100).



The next line is the EZVIZ S5 which is a mid-level action camera. Obviously, the specifications and technology are higher than his sister EZVIZ S1C. This action camera uses a Panasonic image sensor that is reliable even in low light conditions and the Ambarella chipset consumes less power.

EZVIZ S5 is capable of producing 4K @ 5FPS video recording and 16MP burst photos. This camera has a built-in 2 “IPS touchscreen display that simplifies operation quickly and lets users play the video in real-time.

The camera’s dual microphone reduces background noise to improve audio quality. There is also a G-sensor that makes it easy to record trips such as cycling or installing it in the car as a dashcam that automatically records when the user starts moving and stops when there is no movement. In addition, S5 also comes with touch screen accessories that hold up to a depth of 131 feet.

With the latest technology, the price is still friendly in the bag. Because the EZVIZ S5 is priced at only IDR 1,649,000.



Surveillance Camera


This surveillance camera makes it easy to keep an eye on what’s going on in any room. The C2C lens is surrounded by an IR LED to get clear video results even in the dark.

Installation is very easy. All that needs to be done for installation is to simply plug C2C into the power source and connect it to Wi-Fi using the EZVIZ application that can be used for all camera types.

There is a magnetic base rapidly attached to an iron-laden surface and is easily adjustable as easily as shifting it by hand. If you want to install it on the wall, there is an iron rod that will stay taped to this camera. Very practical.

After connecting to the network, users can view HD videos anytime from their smartphones, tablets or computers owned through the EZVIZ app. Wherever the user is, can watch videos directly from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Users can also share links with friends and family so they can see videos caught on camera.

Monitoring can be done in real-time, including being able to communicate two-way from smartphone or tablet to C2C camera. Because on this camera there is a built-in microphone and speakers.

If C2C sees something moving, it will take a picture and send a warning to the user’s phone. This technology is useful for monitoring children who wake up from a nap or a walk around the house.



• 720p HD Video
• Wide angle lens 111 degree.
• Night Vision up to 5m
• Real-time, Two Way Audio


IP Camera Outdoor WiFi Bullet EZVIZ C3C is perfect for outdoor and indoor use. This bullet-shaped camera can be connected via Wi-Fi, and requires no separate cables. This camera can record at 720p resolution (1280 x 720), supports up to 64GB memory card, and has a filter filter day / night automatically. Thanks to the built-in infrared light (IR-LED), the EZVIZ C3C camera can monitor in the dark up to 30 meters.

Easy enough to install this camera because it only requires one cable. Set up the EZVIZ C3C by connecting and turning it on with the included PSU (without PoE). EZVIZ has angle settings: right to left 0 ~ 360 degrees and top to bottom: -90 to 90 degrees.

This camera can also be installed without the need for cables. Because EZVIZ C3C can be connected via Wi-Fi which requires separate USB resources.

The EZVIZ C3C camera is designed for all weather. The camera already has IP66 certification which means dustproof, waterproof, and is designed to withstand extreme weather and temperature.

Like the C2C camera, this camera also supports monitoring in real time. After connecting to the network, users can view HD video at any time from their smartphones, tablets, and computers. There is an EZVIZ Web feature that lets users share their favorite moments online quickly with friends and family.

For those who request, EZVIZ C3C is sold for IDR 999.000



EZVIZ C6T is a surveillance camera with 1080p resolution that is affordable. In this camera, users can rotate and move up and down using the smartphone. The pan and tilt feature provides flexible mounting options as users can install this camera first and then adjust the camera lens to easily see the area you want to monitor.

C6T is ready to be a high-quality camera in pan and tilt category. Because it supports Full HD 1080p video, night vision, motion tracking, two-way conversation, IFTTT smart home compatibility and many features through the EZVIZ application. The price of EZVIZ C6T is IDR 999,000.


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