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Advan G1, Flagship Smartphone Designed with the Involvement of Consumers in Indonesia



fter being delayed for months, Advan officially introduced its newest smartphone Advan G1. Launched in RCTI, one of popular TV station in Jakarta, Advan introduce G1 as one of the local smartphone manufacturing inspired from the desire of the people of Indonesia.

The presence of Advan G1 also becomes a new innovation in the local smartphone industry. Because as a newcomer, this phone uses the operating system IDOS 6.1.2 (Indonesia Operating System) Android-based Marshmallow 6.0. This operating system is ready to run diverse activities such as being able to protect payment data public, so that people can trade with safe.

In addition, with the price of Advan G1 affordable around IDR 2 million (around USD 200) people get such features in a smartphone the price of IDR 8 million (around USD 800. There is also the ability of connectivity which is super complete and even become one of the best connectivity that successfully given by Advan.

Hasnul Suhaimi, Advan Business Management Advisor, said this is the work of long experience of producing a smartphone. Because it involves consumers in designing Advan G1. “Starting from the survey of consumer desire with the MARS survey institute and to implement it into smartphones advanced, quality equivalent to international brands, but still affordable,” said former president Director of XL Axiata.

According to him, it is not easy to make a product that is produced from a survey. Because of the need to implement the results of the survey into a product. “Because of the system of quality control that is so strict as well as fixes here and there should we re carefully. For us it is better long in the process as long as it can deliver perfect products and satisfying customers in the homeland,” he said.

In line with Hasnul Suhaimi, Brand Director Advan, Andy Gusena say, Advan G1 is one of the lighthouse or flagship project. Because the production is not the same with the smartphone Advan other. This is done, to appreciate and accommodate the wishes of consumers. “This is a proof that Advan are born from Indonesian to Indonesian consumers. We feel proud to be able to contribute and produce quality products,” said Andy.

Features and Specifications of Advan G1

Photography became the most reliable features in this phone. Advan G1 equipped with rear camera 13 MP and front camera of 8 MP. To support the quality of the camera, Advan G1 using the wellknown Largan lens.

Lens combined with the sensor a premium to get the picture sharper and the colors brighter. The lens has f/2.0 aperture for the rear camera and f/2.2 for the front camere that able to increase the low light sensitivity. So, the results of the capture image quality and sharp, although in low light.

Do not just rely on the lens, sensor and resolution of course, but the camera Advan G1 is also designed using advanced features, “Quick Way To Shoot”, that is the fastest way to selfie. Users just do the Shake to Selfie, to go straight to the camera app, then touch the fingerprint sensor to directly take a photo (Fingerprint to Shoot). Only need 0.2 seconds is Quick, simple and fun.

The issue of speaker has become the attention of the Advan by adopting titanium accoustic and smart amplifiers. Speakers premium in acoustic spaces of titanium gives the resonance of audio is perfect, bass is solid and the audio spectrum is wide, for the sake of pampering the ears of its users. Users are also pampered with earphone premium that is designed specifically to give the output sound character of the bass that is solid, for the sake of the audio experience.

For system security, Advan-G1 is supported with the fingerprint. The user can save the data with the highly secure. Protection fingerprint this is the protection of the world’s most secure, because only the owner of the smartphone can access it.

Another interesting technology is VR Ready and Eye Protection. Advan G1 features eyePRO able to filter out radiation of blue light from the screen can damage the eyes, without reducing the brightness of the color. Combined with the hardware Gyroscope Cencor, give game play experience VR 360 degree interactive safe and comfortable for the eyes. As for the memory, Advan G1 supported 3GB of RAM and ROM of 16 GB which is expected to support the performance when running a variety of applications.

Ready to Fight with Other Brands

With complete features and affordable, as well as resulting from the mechanism of a survey involving consumers in Indonesia, the presence of Advan G1 is prepared to be a fighter to intercept the aggressiveness of international brands.

Tjandra Lianto, Marketing Director of Advan, said he felt optimistic the new product is well received in the community. Moreover supported the development service center to the district level Advan improve speed of service through the 56 Vuncare.

“The presence of the Advan G1 make us more confident to fight in 2017. Because we believe our product quality and competitiveness. In addition, the people of Indonesia are increasingly believing that the Advan is a national brand and the only one that is able to match the onslaught of the global brand,” said Tjandra.


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