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Indonesian Photographer Arbain Rambey Prove the Smartphone Camera Quality at a Book Titled “Adventure Smartphone Photography 2”

Adventure Smartphone Photography 2

Arbain Rambey, a senior photographer working at the Kompas newspaper, proving the quality of a smartphone camera in a book entitled Adventure Smartphone Photography 2. In this second smartphone photography book, he displays the results of a snapshot of the latest smartphone Advan G1.

In the book of Adventure Smartphone Photography 2, Arbain managed to create emotions and taste of high art in every corner of the photo works his smartphone as outlined in the book. He did the traveling to various exotic locations in Indonesia and overseas to prove the toughness of this camera.

Arbain considers that a smartphone is an object that is ideal as a photography tool. Because the screen is already wide enough, and still be held in one hand comfortably. In addition, the ability of a smartphone camera that is better reinforced with a variety of supporting applications that are very easy to use. In general, the user can perform exploration without any boundaries through the mobile phone camera. This excess smartphone than a digital camera.

As a material for photo books Adventure Smartphone Photography 2, he uses the smartphone Advan G1 to accompany travel when traveling to record its exotic in Indonesia and also abroad. For in Indonesia, Arbain visit to Mount Bromo, the waterfall in Luwuk, Sulawesi Tenggara, Beach attractions Batuhiu, Pangandaran, West Java, as well as the atmosphere of the night in Jakarta. While abroad, he was traveling to New Zealand.

According to him, Advan G1 as a local smartphone brand, but the result is not inferior to global brands. Diverse technology and features the camera tried to record the objects in the photo. The result can be enjoyed in the Adventure Smartphone Photography 2 book. “Advan G1 really made me enjoy the work of photography. With the main camera 13 megapixels and front camera of 8 megapixels, I can do maximum exploration,” said Arbain Rambey.


Arbain Rambey (third from left) and Andy Gusena, Brand Director Advan (second from left) at the launch of book Adventure Smartphone Photography 2 (Photo: @mrbambang).

For your information, to support the good quality of the camera, Advan G1 using a lens that is in the category of premium from a world class manufacturer, Largan Precision. Combined with sensor premium to get the picture sharper and the colors brighter.

Such lenses have a large sensor SP Lens, 1.4 um Pixels and F/2.0 aperture for the rear camera so as to increase the low light sensitivity. In addition, it also can take a selfie even in the conditions of the room minimal light because the front camera is already equipped with an aperture of F/2.2 and 4P lens 1.3 um Pixels. So, the results of the capture image quality and sharp, although in low-light.

Do not just rely on the lens, the sensor, as well as great resolution, but the camera on the mobile 4G LTE is designed to use advanced features like “Shake to Shot” as the fastest way to selfie. Smartphone Advan G1 is already available in the market with a price range of IDR2.299.000 (around USD200).


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