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Through the Film Festival, Fintech Startup “Amartha” Invites Millenial Investments in Micro Enterprises


The industry of financial technology (fin-tech) in Indonesia is growing rapidly in the last two-three years. Startup in this segment pops up. Amartha focuses on investing in the micro and small enterprises (MSMEs) in Indonesia by developing a market-based Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending service to accommodate investors.

As one of the strategies to invite the community to contribute in empowering micro and small enterprises, Amartha organizes Short Film Festival with the total prize of Rp. 350,000,000. To choose the best short film works from a cinematographic point of view and the accuracy of message delivery, Amartha takes the award-winning directors of various prestigious awards in the field of cinema. Nia Dinata, Garin Nugroho, and Lucky Kuswandi, as well as performers of the millennial art of Chelsea Islan, are believed to be the judges for this Short Film Festival.

Through Film Festival which opened from August 8, 2017, to October 9, 2017, Amartha wants to invite more people-especially millennials, to actively encourage the growth of Indonesia to a better direction.

It was confirmed by Andi Taufan Garuda Putra, CEO and Founder of Amartha, said there are tens of millions of micro and small businesses that are limited to obtain business capital and now the capital can be bridged through online. “Those who have the potential to become Financiers are millenials, aged under 30 years and the majority of digital lifestyle, practical, and love social media and audio visual communications short duration,” said Andi, during a press conference in Jakarta (8/8/2017 ).

Andi hope, short film works born from this event able to build inspirational story as well as entertaining. So that can arouse the interest of viewers as well as the filmmaker who became the participants of the competition to jointly empower the micro and small entrepreneurs scattered in remote areas in Indonesia.

For Amartha, inviting Millennials to start investing from a young age has multiple implications. First, it becomes the right momentum to mobilize the spirit of millennial concern towards the values of mutual cooperation and social. Second, teach them about the importance of getting to know investment products that can be utilized as early as possible.

For your information, Amartha has been established since 2010 by Harvard University alumnus, Andi Taufan Garuda Putra. Initially, the business model was group lending. Then changed the strategy of using technology to marketplace services with the concept of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending. Currently, the funded startup from Mandiri Capital has served more than 38,000 members and distributed over Rp 100 billion in financing for micro entrepreneurs in remote rural areas of Indonesia.


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