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An Error Made Mandiri Bank Costumer’s Balance Decreased


Mandiri Bank customer balance has gone haywire, some got their balance decreased some got increased. This led to an uproar for those that lose their money.

Last Saturday (20/07/2019) Mandiri’s database had an error that led to the decrease and increase of costumers balance. This error was first realized by those that got their balance decreased.

Most of the people who reported this error were from the one who suffers, and for those got their balance increased some of them reported to the bank but most of them just watch the show.

Some of those who got their balance increased used the money. And those who used the money got banned by Mandiri. A total of 2.670 accounts got banned because they used the money.

Mandiri tasked their branch to question those that got banned. Mandiri’s Corporate Secretary Rohan Hafas said that the people who got banned may be unaware of the error and they do some transaction or taking cash from the atm.

“We will ask our branch to call them, explain and show them their account mutation that this is not their money, so it (the balance) have to be given back,” said Hafas at Katadata.co.id

Even though there are more than two thousand people got banned, it’s not a big number for Mandiri Bank.  The total account that affected by this error was 10% of their costumers that is approximately 1.5 million, so it’s not a big number compared to that.

The cause of this error was when they want to move the costumers’ data into the backup server. And Rohan said that when the data transferred from Backup Server to the Core Server there is an error corrupt in 10% of costumers’ data.

Form investigation, there is a memory defect and this made the costumers data got mixed up, and some of them got minus balanced. Mandiri Bank will go through a check on their system to find what made this mess, and if they find some hardware that caused this they will replace it with the other and not using the hardware again.

All the service of Mandiri Banks finally got recovered at 15.30 PM. They fixed the error in costumers balanced and banned for those got their balance increased and used it. This will be a good lesson for the other Banks to always check their operating system.

And also this topic became Twitter number on trending Topic #MandiriError

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