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Not Oatmeal or Oncom, Google Choose Oreo for Android 8.0


As an Indonesian and loyal user of Android-based devices, it seems not over proud if I hope Google will pin Oncom’s name as the code name Android 8.0. Unfortunately, random dreams that ran aground because the giant vendor prefers the name Oreo. Finally, it’s an Android Oreo.

While still in initial form, a lot of speculation about the new system name from Android O. From these names came Oatmeal Cookie as the strongest, followed by Orange Julius, to Octopussy. Among the gadget-freak of Indonesia, initials O bustling as Oncom, a typical snack made from fermentate mold.

In reality, Google definitely prefers the name of a sweet snack as the name of Android. Moreover, not necessarily Larry Page and Sergey Brin have tried Oncom. Even if both stop by Indonesia, not necessarily also be served this food, given that when Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram, when coming here instead treated to sayur genjer and fried mujair fish. Protests to the technology and communication minister, should I?

Finally, on Monday (21/08/2017) time of Mountain View, United States, Google chose the name Oreo as its latest variant of Android. It must be admitted, when the Google I / O 2017 event took place last May, the name Oreo is already rumored as an Android candidate O. Especially before there was also KitKat for Android 4.0, which is arguably the same as the popular Oreo in the sweet snack world.

VentureBeat says, currently Android Oreo is at the stage of carrier testing on some Google devices, such as Nexus 5P, Nexus 6P, Pixel, and Pixel XL. Later, the operating system will be available for Essential smartphones, General Mobile, HMD Global Home, Nokia, HTC, Kyocera, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Sharp, and Sony, by the end of this year. To be sure will be prioritized for flagship or premium devices.

When Gizmology visited the official website of Android, there are several advantages offered Android Oreo, namely:

1. Booting twice as fast (from Google Pixel standard speed).
2. Able to minimize the activity in the background for the last application used to save energy.
3. Access and login to favorite applications faster.
4. Can do two jobs in one screen.
5. See incoming notifications faster with the Notification Dots.

In addition, Android Oreo also offers more security for access to existing apps on Google Play and more battery savings even if the device is used to call, play games, or stream. More fun, there are 60 new emoji that can make the conversation more expressive in messaging.

So, whether later Android Oreo performance will be really sweeter than its predecessor? We look forward to it. To be sure, the later smartphone that has been installed this operating system do not open, licked, and drown it, Gizmolovers!

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