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ASUS ROG G701, Laptop for Rich Gamers Worth IDR 65 Million in Indonesia


Although the market is small, Asus seems quite confident that there are enough gamers who rich and willing to pour money to buy expensive computers or laptops in order to satisfy thirst. After a few months ago releasing a phenomenal gaming laptop priced at IDR 95 million, Taiwanese manufacturers are now launching similar products in the slightly lower class but still expensive through the ASUS ROG G701.

Why stay expensive? Because the price touches the figure IDR 65 million (estimated USD 50,000). Which if your money mediocre would prefer to pay the DP (down payment) credit home or car than just to buy a laptop. As the latest gaming device in the ROG (Republic of Gamers) range, there are of course many enhanced hardware components to enhance the overall gaming experience on the ASUS ROG G701.

Viewed from the outside, this laptop looks stylish and tough with a very strong gaming character as a characteristic ROG series. Laptop with full name ASUS ROG G701VI is equipped with a chassis inspired by Bio-Armor and Titanium with Plasma Copper color scheme that makes it look mighty.

About performance, no doubt its reliability. Because ASUS ROG G701 is designed to be able to provide an awesome gaming experience.

ASUS ROG G701 is equipped with hardware components such as the latest Intel i7-7820HK processor that can be overclocked. RAM (Random Access Memory) is also enhanced with 64GB of memory. Ram is using the fastest type of current speed 2400MHz DDR4 capable of overclocking up to 2800MHz.

In addition to RAM, the smoothness of the game is also affected by the storage used. In this case, ASUS ROG G701 uses Non-Volatile Memory Express or called NVMe. This is the fastest type of storage technology today. In addition, NVMe on the G701 has also been reinforced with RAID0 technology that will make it increasingly rushed to access the system to boot.

Regarding graphics capabilities, ASUS entrust NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 to take care of it. This component, which is very important to give satisfaction to play primarily in terms of graphical display to gamers. The graphics card is equipped with NVIDIA G-SYNC technology capable of displaying gaming smoothly and smoothly and ready for use for gaming arena competitions.

ASUS ROG G701 is also equipped with display technology (display panel) with 120Hz refresh rate. Generally, gaming notebooks only have a refresh rate on the screen of 60Hz or 75Hz. NVIDIA G-SYNC technology support is able to synchronize with the refresh rate on the screen with a frame rate on NVIDIA GeForce GTX GPU. So as to produce a smooth visualization and fast without reducing the performance. Because this technology can eliminate lag, stutter to visual tearing. Interesting right?

Well, in addition to gaming, this laptop is also suitable for video editing, especially YouTuber is productive. For that, ASUS took one of the leading YouTuber Chandra Liow to try out this product toughness.

According to Chandra Liow, ASUS ROG G701 is a sophisticated laptop, because it has been equipped with 24 GB RAM and SSD which makes faster editing completed. He even tried to use the ROG laptop in multi-tasking. While waiting for rendering, Chandra also uses the Laptop to play the game simultaneously.

How, whether with a number of capabilities that are presented, you are interested in buying Asus ROG G701? Certainly interested, but if you are not a wealthy, I suggest to discourage the intention to buy it. Better funds are used for other needs such as paying DP home loans, cars, tuition fees or other major needs.

Tech Specs of ASUS ROG G701

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