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AwanTunai, Fintech Startup That Give Loan to Buy Mobile Phone Up to Rp 4 Million


The financial technology (fintech) industry is growing rapidly. Many financial technology startups have emerged in recent years. One of the newest is AwanTunai which offers digital loan solution for Indonesian people.

Encountered at launch at Conclave coworking space, Jakarta (29/11), Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AwanTunai Dino Setiawan said this service was born as a form of supporting the government program to increase financial inclusion in Indonesia.

According to him, the distribution of credit to the people of Indonesia is still very difficult. Only 12% of people with access to finance who have formal loans alias still have 88 percent of people who are still difficult to obtain official credit disbursement from banks and similar institutions.

Therefore, this startup is more targeting the community with the middle to lower economy. “Understanding the existing conditions, we are here to help support financial independence for the people of Indonesia by offering digital loan facilities that can be accessed by everyone easily, quickly and certainly safe,” said Dino.

He explained the loan application can be done through applications that are downloaded through the debtor’s smartphone quickly and easily. “The loan application can be done only by using smartphones, either for those who have a bank account or not.When the process of submission of borrowing, prospective borrowers are only required to include identity in the form of identity cards, then prospective borrowers will know the status of loan approval within 15 minutes,” said Dino.


Right- left: Windy Natriavi, COO AwanTunai; Rama Notowidigdo, Co-Founder & CTO AwanTunai; Dino Setiawan, Founder & CEO AwanTunai.

But do not expect to borrow large amounts of money here. Because the credit ceiling set the maximum of Rp4 million. According to Windy Natriavi, COO AwanTunai, the figure is derived from the estimate of the price of smartphones that quality but still reachable people in the middle to lower segment.

Uniquely, the loan fund from AwanTunai, for now, is only limited to smartphone installment. Because this device is considered to be the main needs of the community as well as the quickest way to AwanTunai to collect data and conclude the pattern of credit use in customers. However, once the initial data is collected and the system is ready, they will open other consumer products that can be repaid.

Funding of AwanTunai from Kredit Plus

Described further, as a fintech company operating since May 2017, AwanTunai has been verified and overseen by OJK. Here, AwanTunai only acts as a liaison between the borrower and the lender. The lender is PT Finansial Multi Finance or Credit Plus which has committed to disburse funds of USD30 million (approximately Rp405 billion) to finance the loan (lending capital) to the community.

Currently, they have teamed up with Blue Bird Group by providing smartphone installment programs to increase driver productivity and revenue. A total of ~ 5,000 drivers in 2 months have submitted this program with 45% approval rate.

To be closer to the target market, AwanTunai has also been working with several offline stores that sell smartphones with the goal of being a safe, quick and easy point of sale financing. Going forward, they will work with various partners to provide services to the entire community, from small traders to large companies.


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