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Support the Digital Ecosystem in Indonesia, Here’s What BOLT Does


In a survey conducted by APJII (Association of Indonesian Internet Service Providers) disclosed more than half of Indonesia’s population (132.7 million people) are now connected to the internet. This data indicates a 51.8 percent increase compared to 2014 which only reached 88 million. The reason is the development of infrastructure and the easy to get a smartphone or handheld device. This is also felt by BOLT as a pioneer of 4G LTE service in Indonesia.

The 4G LTE provider which has a limited operational license only in Jabodetabek and Medan is calling an increase in the number of users of 4G LTE from year to year. BOLT with various products owned also seeks to open access 4G LTE services to various communities and support the digital ecosystem in Indonesia.

Chief Product Officer BOLT Billy Abe, while in Indonesia LTE Conference 2017 (25/4) said if the existence of digital economy is characterized by the increasingly widespread business development that utilizes the Internet as a medium for collaboration and cooperation between companies or between individuals. This is evidenced by the rise of new and old companies that plunge into e-business and e-commerce.

The digital economy itself is a virtual arena where business is done, values are created & exchanged, transactions take place and one-to-one relationships are done using the internet as a medium of exchange.

Billy explains, if to support the development of the digital economy, the key is a good infrastructure so as to provide a wide range. This becomes one of the important points for the development of the digital economy in Indonesia, where the internet becomes the main medium. Understanding that, BOLT provides 4G LTE service that can be enjoyed by many parties.

In terms of infrastructure, commitment to providing 4G LTE service is done by building BTS in BOLT operational areas, namely Jabodetabek and Medan. In addition to network infrastructure, BOLT also improves services for customers by building BOLT Zone at various locations in Jabodetabek including in Cikarang and Puncak.

“The improvement of our services is done in an integrated manner, ranging from infrastructure and network improvements, improving customer service to the provision of affordable products. Three of these things we must realize as an effort to meet the needs of fast, stable and affordable internet services, both for the perpetrators of the digital economy and for the general public,” Billy explained.

Meanwhile, Head of Product BOLT, Angkasa Perdana Putra, when it was in the Startup Dialogue Series in Building Yustinus, Atmajaya, Jakarta (28/4), said startup stretch as part of the digital ecosystem in Indonesia is growing very well.

The man who is familiarly called Angki explained that to be able to encourage the development of startup business required an ecosystem that is not only supported by internet services but also with real coaching or mentoring. These two things can strengthen a startup ecosystem.

“In terms of products, BOLT has a device as well as an internet service that can help digital industry players run and grow their business. Internet service must also be able to make the user’s online time better so that it can support the realization of an efficient investment,” said Angki.

In addition to its products, BOLT’s desire to support the development of digital industry in Indonesia is also realized by providing coaching or mentoring program. One of them is through BOLT School program that has been done in 7 Schools (Junior and Senior High School) in Jabodetabek in 2016 with the theme “Workshop Being Creative with the Internet”. This workshop is provided to assist young people who aspire to use the internet to run their business in the future.

“The desire of young people to pursue business needs to be welcomed and well facilitated. This workshop is a starting point that can encourage the emergence of the startup generation of the young generation. We want to have more new and fresh ideas that can color the startup world in Indonesia,” Angki explained.

Angki added that if the products and assistance provided are a form of BOLT’s desire and contribution to succeeding the government’s vision in 2020, which wants to make Indonesia the largest digital economy in Southeast Asia. Therefore, this startup ecosystem needs to be built not only for old players but also for new players so that startup in Indonesia can grow rapidly.

Complementing the needs of internet services, BOLT presents a range of products that meet the specific needs of digital industry players, the Corporate Solution BOLT package for large businesses or companies. BOLT Corporate Solution consists of Corporate Retail products ranging from Rp1,500,000 / month with additional 1 (one) dedicated IP Public. Secondly, Corporate products start at Rp40,000 / month for companies that want to provide direct internet access for employees.

The presence of this corporate product is increasingly complementing the wide selection of 4G service solutions for the community. Angki said, as the only operator providing Unlimited services, BOLT understand that startup requires a lot of data services, therefore they present this new product to answer the challenge. BOLT provides Unlimited services for three needs, ie free internet access at home or office, on the go with the need for multi-device connectivity, and the latest is Unlimited for Smartphone with a very affordable price of only Rp99.000 per month.

“As the first 4G operator in Indonesia, BOLT recognizes that this is a time when technological developments bring us to an opportunity to innovate indefinitely. This condition has its own meaning for the new players of digital business to find opportunities and open business, as well as for old players to grow and expand. Therefore, BOLT through its products and programs will continue to be committed to assisting the development of the digital industry in Indonesia that can not only compete on a national scale but also on an international scale “, Angki concluded.


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