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Government & Industry Players Driven to Accelerate User Migration with Cheap 4G LTE Mobile Phones

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The government’s efforts to accelerate the migration process of 2G to 4G LTE network users will still go a long way. The biggest problem faced is still the number of 2G users in Indonesia. It is estimated that 2G services market will migrate to 3G or 4G takes up to five years. To smooth the migration process, need the availability of cheap 4G LTE mobile phones.

According to Nonot Harsono, EEPIS Lecturer and Telecommunications Observer, Mastel Institute, if people are encouraged to use the latest 4G LTE technology, the government and business actors must strive to create needs so people need to use 4G.

Nonot assesses the low penetration of 4G LTE there are two causes. First, because the supply of 4G service penetration is still small, both coverage and ownership of 4G handsets on users who may be due to a willingness to buy or purchasing power of the majority of the layers of society is still lacking. Second, the community’s need for 4G services has not grown.

According to him, if listened more carefully, for the user, the added value obtained from 4G compared to 3G is the increase in comfort and satisfaction of the user experience (UX), or commonly termed “convenience and satisfaction”.

“Lest people, most of Indonesia do not need 4G LTE, which is important can verbal communication. Not to mention some who feel clueless and reluctant to try something new, “said the man who had served as commissioner of the Indonesian Telecommunication Regulatory Agency for two periods during talk show in Jakarta (14/09/2017).

4G devices with affordable price is really needed to smooth the migration plan. Ideally, the range of 4G phone prices to be accepted lower middle market ranges from USD 250. Due to the average purchasing power of 2G users, mostly from the lower middle class is only able to buy a maximum handset worth USD 125.

Cheap 4G LTE mobile phones in Indonesia is not impossible to be realized. Because at this time, some vendors and mobile manufacturers have started producing cheap 4G LTE phones with a price range of Rp 500 thousand. When the 4G phone has become very affordable, it will be able to overcome the reluctance of 2G users to migrate to 4G due to expensive handset reasons.

This is confirmed by Hartadi Novianto, Head of Device Sourcing & Management Smartfren Telecom, that it continues to bring cheap 4G LTE mobile phones. “Even in the near future, we will release feature phone 4G LTE with the price below 500 thousand.In addition to the basic features of calling & SMS, can already be used for the internet and watch video streaming smoothly,” said Hartadi.

In this way, added Hartadi, mobile phone users in Indonesia is expected to immediately migrate quickly to 4G. So it does not lag far behind the technological developments in the digital age today. However, it must be admitted that switching technology from 2G to 4G is the biggest challenge faced by Indonesia.

In order for migrations from 2G to 4G to be fast, education should be done for 2G users about the advantages of devices with 4G technology. Surely this will be run with the help of the operators. But this is also not an easy process to do, especially when faced with users from rural areas who have not been able to buy a 4G phone.

Masyarat should get educated about some of the advantages of 4G technology in feature phones. Like for example, the battery is more durable when compared to smartphones. Then can use the application WhatsApp Call and chat to replace phone and SMS. Can use social networking applications faster, such as Facebook. And also users can enjoy video calls through the application WhatsApp.

Based on research conducted by GfK, mobile phone sales in Indonesia has now reached 60 percent, where a number of devices already have the ability of 4G LTE. This is an indication that Indonesia will be able to quickly switch to 4G technology.


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