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5 Things You Need to Know About Datally, Google’s Quota Saved Storage Apps

Google Datally

After conducting a thorough research on mobile users in Indonesia, Google found that many mobile users have fears of overdue quota packages. Not only are they concerned that their quota packets run out quickly, nor understand what their quota is used for, and have trouble controlling the use of quotas on apps they like. This is what then underlies Google launching quota-saving app named Datally.

According to Caesar Sengupta, Vice President of Google’s Next Billion Users Team, the reason they make Datally is this app can help users understand, control, and save Internet quota. “So you can save more and do more with the quota,” said Caesar during a visit to Jakarta (30/11/2017).

Previously, this app has been tested in the Philippines throughout 2017. Datally itself is now available on the Google Play Store globally and works on all Android phones with a minimum of OS 5.0 (Lollipop). This app will only take about 6MB so it’s easy to store on the phone so it’s light on the run and does not affect performance degradation.

Well, what’s interesting in Datally? Let’s find out here:

#1. Datally knows where quota is used

Datally can show you how many data you’ve used in a day, weekly, up to per month and notify you when various apps eat up your quota in bulk. Over time, the app will study your quota usage patterns and offer more recommendations to save your quota.

#2. There is a quota saver feature of up to 30%

Different applications often use quotas secretly in the background to keep updating content and information. Often, maybe we do not know this happens.

The Datally Data Saver feature can turn off the quota used in the background for non-essential functions and allow the user to manage the use of data from one app to another.

Users who have tested this app previously say that this app can save phone quota by 30%, depending on how they use it.

#3. Have a data-saving balloon to see the data usage speedometer in real-time

The Data Savers balloon feature can block quotas that are used secretly and track the use of quotas in real-time, regardless of which application is being used. This feature is like a speedometer for quotas. Where users can also block quotas with a single tap if the quota usage has started out of control.

#4. Help find quality Wi-Fi around

Finding Wi-Fi in a quality public place is certainly a challenge in itself. If you’re in a public Wi-Fi range, Datally’s Wi-Fi searcher will notify you and help connect. We can even get directions to the Wi-Fi area.

#5. Rate the Wi-Fi network

When connected to a network, we provide a rating (rating) to help fellow community Datally find a quality Wi-Fi.



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