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The Reasons Why Consumer Demand for Advan G1 Smartphone Still High

Advan G1 smartphone

Although has been launched since a few months ago, consumer interest to have an Advan G1 smartphone is still quite high. This is evident from the long line of consumers to take the unit in the city of Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya.

Ellen Angerani, GM Sales Advan revealed, thousands of units provided specifically for the pre-order period that began from 17 to 20 April 2017 in three cities are sold out ordered consumers. Further, consumers simultaneously collect product units on April 28, 2017.

For retrieval of Advan G1 smartphone unit in Jakarta centered in ITC Roxy Mas. There was a long line at the Advan booth. The same thing happened in Bandung, precisely at Bandung Electronic Center (BEC). In this city, consumers crowded in line. Likewise in WTC Galeria Surabaya, consumers have arrived since noon, whereas taking Advan G1 unit just started the afternoon, around 18.00 GMT+7.

Putri, one of the consumers who joined the queue at ITC Roxy Mas, Jakarta said very interested in this smartphone that made in Indonesia. “Before doing pre-order, I first searched for as much information on the internet as media, YouTube, social media, and forums. After that, I am more convinced that Advan G1 smartphone is the right smartphone for me both from the completeness of features, quality, and the price is very affordable,” said Putri.

According to Ellen Angerani, the public interest towards the Advan G1 smartphone further strengthen Advan as a national brand that has high-quality products and able to compete with global brands. They do a tight quality control system during the manufacturing process in order to satisfy the consumers of the country.

In addition, Ellen sees there are other factors that encourage consumer response to Advan G1 still high. First, Advan G1 has a quality camera that qualified with the use of the Largan lens that has been famous for reliable trusted by some big brands.

Second, the quality of the camera has been tested by professional photographer Arbain Rambey whose results are enshrined in a photography book entitled “Adventure Smartphone Photography 2“. Arbain managed to create emotions and high artistic taste in every corner of his smartphone photo work that is poured into the book. He travels, traveling to various exotic locations in Indonesia to prove the toughness of this camera. Proof of photography experts makes consumers believe in quality.

Third, Advan G1 uses the unique IDOS operating system (Indonesia Operating System) version of IDOS 6.12 with Android Marshmallow 6.0 base. IDOS has security features with unique advantages of data encryption that can provide security when online transactions using smartphones and features a Muslim guide featuring Alquran, Asmaul Husna, Qibla Direction, Halal Restaurant, so it is specially designed based on the needs and habits of the people of Indonesia. The operating system is developed with many other advanced features to further enhance the customer experience in using Advan smartphones.

Fourth, Advan G1 is a smartphone value for money that is very affordable compared to the features provided. The retail price of this smartphone is IDR 1,999 million. But specifically for pre-order, that was held in Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya, Advan G1 sold with special prices.

“We are very grateful for the enormous enthusiasm of the Indonesian people to have Advan G1. This smartphone is specially designed to meet the needs of the community where since the development stage already involves consumers,” said Ellen Angerani, GM Sales Advan.


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