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How DOKU Increases Online Shopping Activities in Ramadhan Through Diorama


DOKU, the fintech platform continues to play an active role in the growth of eCommerce through the creation of markets and the expansion of the cashless ecosystem. Not only by providing convenience for consumers, but also helping merchants in developing their business. In this holy month of Ramadhan, the company that was established since 2007 held a program titled Diorama.

The Diorama Program is actually an abbreviation of Ramadan Online Discount. This program is designed for consumers who are accustomed to online shopping with attractive discounts, lasting from 7 June to 21 June.

Diorama Deals only apply to transactions using DOKU e-Wallet at merchants related to DIORAMA programs. Promo code discount will be given directly, for example on the choice of DIORAMA25 for a discount of Rp25,000 with a minimum purchase of Rp150,000, DIORAMA50 for a discount of Rp50,000 with a minimum purchase of Rp300,000 and DIORAMA100 for a discount of Rp100,000 with a minimum purchase of Rp500, 000.

There are several merchants who work together on this Diorama program such as KFC, Jatim Park, Lazada, Railway, Ticket Arena, Match Watch, Joox, Spotify, K24 Klik, Century Pharmacy, Pizza Hut Delivery (PHD), and so on. To follow this program, every promo code is valid only 1 time for 1 user id.

Himelda Renuat, CMO DOKU (left) and Nabilah Alsagoff, COO DOKU (right)

In addition to Diorama, DOKU also presents the program KETUPAT DOKU (Top Up Surprises and DOKU Transactions) in which there is a special promo for those who love to shop online and social media. Also, the quiz and social media competition activities are named THR DOKU (Every Day Rejeki) DOKU.

According to Himelda Renuat, as Chief Marketing Officer of DOKU, Ramadhan’s activities are conducted as a form of education to consumers to provide an easy and secure online transaction experience through the DOKU e-wallet platform.

By using DOKU, users can not only shop online but also offline. Starting from just buying snacks, buy credit, pay bills, investments, money transfers, and other financial transactions. Users no longer need to be bothered by the opening of bank accounts that take time and costs because the transaction is done by using a smartphone and DOKU account.

Meanwhile, from the merchant side, the company seeks to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of sales through technology and reach new customers who have been unreachable because they do not have access to banks. In addition, it also continues to make market creation by bringing new breakthroughs in an effort to continue to expand the “cashless society” ecosystem. Starting from embracing Al-Azhar community, MPM Honda, Majelis Rasulullah, community developers, to start regularly held KOPDAR for DOKU faithful user community.

For information, currently, DOKU has been used by more than 25,000+ merchants ranging from the corporate segment, SME, start-up, to individual seller online. DOKU users alone have reached 1.6 million users. DOKU targets growth of 30-40 percent annually. In terms of growth in the number of transactions, DOKU recorded growth of 68% during January to the end of May 2017.


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