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Doku Aiming the Travelers in Indonesia and Overseas Through #NgetripHoki


The tourism sector plays a major role in moving the economy. On the other hand, the millennial generation which is the potential market for the tourism sector, want everything easy and they are familiar with digital technology. Such opportunities are utilized by DOKU, a local payment solutions provider that presents a special program for travelers, both domestic and foreign. “This is why Doku present the program #NgetripHoki,” said Ayu, VP Marketing at DOKU, during a press conference in Jakarta.

According to Ayu, the people, especially the millennial, wants the ease with digital technology from end to end. No exception when they are traveling, ranging from new out of the house, travel, and even up into the house again. “It can all be done with the Doku application,” said Ayu.

Through the program #NgetripHoki, the DOKU user can plan and conduct a vacation with only using a smartphone. Starting from flight ticket purchase, flight meals/hot seat/storage, hotel booking, pick-up from and to the airport, as well as transportation and restaurants. Everything can be done almost without the use of cash.

On the program of Doku #NgetripHoki, together with AirAsia and PHM Hospitality, DOKU held a special promotion from March 27 to April 2, 2017. In addition to the more efficient, the program #NgetripHoki also wants to educate the ease and comfort of the ‘less cash trip’ by using an e-Wallet service.

#NgetripHoki not only provides convenience but also offers a variety of interesting benefits. There are at least three tickets that can be obtained the traveler, namely:

1. Tickets AirAsia flight overseas with discount up to 10%.

2. Tickets AirAsia flight domestic with discounted price IDR100.000 with a minimum purchase of IDR500.000,-

3. Tickets PHM Hotel at a discounted price of IDR100.000 with the minimum purchase of IDR800.000.

To make the #NgetripHoki program more interesting, DOKU provides a challenge to the three travel bloggers, namely Wiranurmansyah.com, Yummytraveler.com, Catperku.com for traveling to Bali using the DOKU with the concept of ‘less cash trip’. Starting from the purchase of a ticket, book a hotel, to everyday life while in Bali (eat, drink, snack and so on) work together with the DOKU’s merchant in Bali.

As information, at this time, DOKU has been used by 1.5 million users and solutions payment gateway DOKU has also been used by more than 25,000 merchants starting from the segments corporate, SME, start-up, until with the online seller individuals in Indonesia. In addition accessible through the web, digital wallet DOKU can also be easily used in the form of application and can be downloaded in the Google Play Store and also the App Store.


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