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6 Effective Ways to Maximize Facebook Page for Your Business

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Along with the increasing access of users in the digital world, social media such as Facebook has brought business opportunities for entrepreneurs. The number of Facebook Page that created by small and medium enterprises (SMES) continues to grow. Globally, there is 65 million Facebook Page and around 93 million Facebook active users in Indonesia.

Facebook became most widely used social media in the world, which at once became one of the most effective means for a variety of business purposes. Want to know more about how to maximize your Facebook Page for business? Verisign reveals six ways to make use of the Facebook Page of the business units in order to improve the customer base.

1. Using Facebook Page as the primary tools for business

Do you still do not have a website? It is okay. Many businesses are using Facebook as the primary means for the presence of their online. But remember, You want to build a business brand, not the brand of social media. The solution: registering a domain name (or web address) and direct it to the Facebook Page. It is also known as web forwarding, You can create rules so that all visitors to Your domain name directed to the web location of Your choice (to Facebook Page).

With lots of (Your website to the Facebook Page) will give you the web address of the company that is memorable and the address of the company permanently for use in marketing, this practice is also becoming increasingly popular. From the fourth quarter of 2014 to the fourth quarter of 2015, the practice of directing visitors to the Facebook Page increased by 21 percent.

If You already have a website, be sure to include share buttons for social (social sharing) on the main page and the content. So people who find interest in Your website can easily give the like button (like) and share content on their social media channels.

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2. Sharing of relevant content 

Facebook Page is not only a place to communicate basic information about Your business to customers. You can also post news and upcoming events, upload photos and videos, celebrate the achievement, or even share links from other sources to support the message of Your business. Even better yet, provide a backlink to Your website, if You have it, to drive more traffic to Your site.

One important tip: stacking post relevant and valuable for Your followers. With the abundant information obtained in the user Facebook every day, quality is the key, not quantity. Remember to do post consistently, for a few people maybe once a day or more and for the other, one time a week. Make it sound so Your followers know when and types of posts such as what can be expected from Your business.

3. Engage with Consumers 

Facebook Page is also a channel to engage with customers, and engage in two-way conversations. Watch and listen to the comments on the post and customer feedback. You do not need to respond to every message but interact with them when necessary.

Reply to the issues that if You can get it done, and be grateful if posting such is a positive thing. And with the message feature on the Page (Pages Messaging), customers can send a personal message to You. You can also send it back or keep the reply automatically from the customer that sends a message to You, and even mark the average time You reply to the question – keep the customers stay in the know, happy, and involved.

4. Create an offer or host an event 

Facebook Page for business allows users to make special offers such as discounts and coupons to customers. You can also hold special events and invite all Your followers. When people accept Your invitation, Your event host will be added to the calendar Facebook them as a warning. Plus, You can see who will come to Your event and who are interested, so You can estimate the presence of Your event carefully. To start, search for “Offer, Event +” at the top of the section Your status updates.

5. Posting Ads

As more and more time spent consumers on social media, You may need to consider advertising on Facebook. Advertising on Facebook gives You the opportunity to promote Your business to a user base that is very large for only $5. To start, decide what would be the purpose of Your campaign. Do You want to improve the existence of the brand, find new customers, or be the leaders (in your business)? The following will give You instructions on how to best target Your messages based on:

  • Location
  • Demography
  • Interest
  • Behaviour
  • Connection

Then, decide where You want to put Your ads (news feed, right column, etc.), prepare funds daily and begin to explore the performance of these ads. Be sure to keep an eye on Your campaigns and optimize the content that works well.

The other option is to increase the posting. This feature allows You to promote posts that are already there not only to people who liked the Page, but also friends and relatives. Set the course of the fund daily and target Your audience and Facebook will do the rest.

6. Measure the performance 

Number one rule in marketing is to know and understand Your audience. Facebook Insights is a feature on the Page that gives an idea about who Your followers are (age, gender, and location); how often they visit; how many give a sign like, or share Your content; and what content is suitable for Your audience. Take and use this information to make a decision marketing will increase Your engagement with customers in the future, and are ideal for adding value to Your business.

Bring Your business to Facebook is just an initial step. Facebook offers a variety of features that can help improve presence and engagement with Your customers. Doing marketing in social media it can be different for every small business, depending on industry, location and Your customer base. Therefore, do a test and see what results are given to Facebook for You.

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