Home Enterprise HPRT Offers Printing and AIDC Solutions for Corporations and MSMEs in Indonesia

HPRT Offers Printing and AIDC Solutions for Corporations and MSMEs in Indonesia

HPRT Offers Printing and AIDC Solutions for Corporations and MSMEs in Indonesia

Jakarta, Gizmologi – Although the name is somewhat less familiar in the Indonesian consumer market, HPRT has a prominent role in the printing industry. No wonder if this Chinese brand is confident that it will succeed in attracting consumers in Indonesia.

In the printing industry, HPRT is known as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) which makes printer products and Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) for leading global brands since 2004. With this experience, they have introduced their own brand called HPRT in various countries, one of them is Indonesia. The company targets to be the main player in the printing and AIDC business, aiming at corporation and MSME segments in Indonesia.

Indonesia is the second largest economy in Southeast Asia, with a growth of 5.44% year-on-year in the second quarter of 2022, according to the Indonesia Statistics (BPS), amidst the global inflation pressure and recession threats. The economic performance is supported by growths in the transportation and warehousing, hotelier, food and beverages, financial, health, manufacture, trade, and agriculture sectors. Indonesia’s growth is also supported by the MSME sector, which reaches 64.19 million businesses with a contribution of 61.97% to GDP, according to the Ministry of Cooperative and SMEs.

With the positive growth of the economy, MSMEs, support from the big population as well as Gen Z and millennials, which reaches 53.8% (BPS), Indonesia has become positive prospects for the business, especially printing and Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) business. HPRT brings in high-quality printing and AIDC solutions with more competitive price points to support the daily operations of corporations and MSMEs in Indonesia.

HPRT is the world’s renowned and leading printing and AIDC OEM since 2004, committed to providing high-performance products for global brands. With nearly 2 decades of experience serving OEM for global brands, strengthened by its human resources, R&D dan ISO-certified manufacturing facilities, HPRT is confidently entering the Indonesia market.

“Indonesia is a very large market with thousands of enterprise-scale companies, thousands of MSMEs and more than half of the population are millennials and Gen Z, they are very potential for HPRT. Therefore, we are committed to providing high-performance printing and AIDC solutions with more competitive price, so we can reach out to more enterprise-scale companies and MSMEs in Indonesia. Our products currently are already available in Indonesia and accessible through our distributors and resellers, as well as AIDC and IT specialized stores across Indonesia, and online in many marketplaces,” said Yusuf Suparto, Country Director, HPRT.

To distribute its products in Indonesia, HPRT works with PT Teknologi Timur Internasional (TTi), a subsidiary of PT Harrisma Informatika Jaya, an IT distributor company with more than 36 years of experience. PT Teknologi Timur Internasional also provides after-sales services for scanner and mobile computer products with 1 on 1 replacement scheme.

“Carrying technologies from East Asia, TTi is committed to presenting new market breakthroughs with reliable products and more competitive prices. Working with professionals and experienced talents as well as wide networks across Indonesia, TTi will fully support HPRT’s business in Indonesia,” said Daniel Tirto Utomo, Director, PT Teknologi Timur Internasional.

HPRT also partners with PT Duta Kalingga Pratama as the service center partner for HPRT printer products. “Through this cooperation, we provide a 5-work day service warranty for the standard repairment and service center networking spanning many cities in Indonesia with more than 30 years experience in printing and AIDC business. We are committed to providing the best after-sales services for customers in Indonesia to facilitate them in using different HPRT printing solutions and getting optimum values for their business,” said Sherolyn Ong, owner of PT Duta Kalingga Pratama.

HPRT brings several top printers and AIDC products to Indonesia, including:

A4 MT800 Printer

MT800 is a printer for A4 size paper. It is compact, lightweight, and very mobile as it can fit into a tote bag or backpack for users to print anywhere, at any time. Despite its tiny size, the printer can print in high resolution of up to 300 dpi and comes with Bluetooth 4.0, and is rechargeable through a USB Type-C port. With a 2000mAh big capacity battery, the printer has a standby time of up to 26 hours and can print up to 70 sheets of A4 paper with one time of charging. Supporting Android OS, Windows OS, and iOS, users can print from any mobile device.

HT100 Thermal Label Printer

HT100 is a compact, easy-to-use, and cost-efficient Thermal Label Printer for different types of business, warehouse management, postal service, health, manufacturing, and more. The printer has a double-type sensor that allows it to support different types of labels, and can be operated with only one button for paper feed, pause or continue printing, self-test and calibration. The printing has 5 IPS printing speed, strengthened by the dual-wall frame, with a ribbon capacity of up to 100 meters, and equipped with Bartender label design software and Seagull Windows Driver.

N130 BT Barcode Scanner

N130 BT Barcode Scanner is a high-performance 2D Handheld Barcode Scanner with hardware-independent decoding. The scanner is highly accurate and able to read barcodes fast, whatever the barcode condition is. With extended Dept-of-Field, the scanner can do different readings from long distances. It also supports more than 80 keyboard languages output and is compatible with many systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux. N130 has an integrated structure so its durability is guaranteed as it can endure drop tests from 1.5 meters height.

Mobile Data Terminal

Mobile data terminal is suitable for enterprises with uses in health, law enforcement, retail, logistics, and warehouses industries. It comes with a strong battery for all-day uses and high durability. It is also equipped with superior wireless performance with LTE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC network support; UHF RFID Recognition that can read from 7-8 meters distance; professional class 2D Scanning Engine, powerful for speed and data reading coverage; aesthetic design, durable (it can stand drop test from 1.2 meters high) and long-lasting.

Bravo L Barcode Printer

Bravo L Barcode Printer is an entry-level industrial class barcode printer with high speed and the ability to print big-size labels in high volume. Bravo L can still accurately and steadily print small-size labels until the end. The barcode printer comes with a 3.5-inch TFT LCD color screen to monitor the operation. The printer also has up to 600 meters of ribbon capacity and a special function that can identify printer heads with 203 dpi, 300 dpi, or 600 dpi, automatically configures without a PC setup.

TP809 POS Printer

TP809 is a Thermal POS Printer with a stylish design in black and with color options, suitable for use in department stores, caterers, banks, telecommunication companies, and more. The printer comes with a compact and space-efficient design, 25% smaller than traditional printers. The printer is designed with color indicator lights to indicate the printer status; red for error, green for ready, blue for busy, and pink for almost run-out paper status. The printer supports 2″ and 3″ wide paper sizes and it can eliminate cutter jams automatically by opening the top cover. The printer also supports black mark detection and it can print with 10 IPS of speed.


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