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Huawei Cloud Indonesia region will have 3 AZs, more than 60 cloud services

Huawei Cloud Indonesia region will have 3 AZs, more than 60 cloud services

Jakarta, Gizmologi – AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, to AliCloud now has a new competitor from the world’s technology giants. At the end of September 2022, Huawei Cloud Indonesia Region was officially launched.

Huawei is a new player in the cloud sector. They have just launched cloud services in Asia Pacific since 2018. Indonesia, which is considered an important market for Huawei, has only recently been visited. The plan is that the new Huawei Cloud Indonesia region will start operating in October 2022.

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In Asia Pacific, Huawei Cloud now has 14 physical data centers or availability zones (AZ) located in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Malaysia. In the country, the Huawei Cloud Indonesia region will have 3 AZs, one of which is in the Cikarang area. To build a data center in the country, CEO of Huawei Indonesia, Jacky Chen, said the company collaborated with DCI.

As a new player, the growth is quite rapid. Four years later, Huawei Cloud has been ranked second in China, third in Thailand, and fourth in developing countries across Asia Pacific. By starting to enter the Indonesian market, it will certainly accelerate its growth.

Huawei Cloud Indonesia Implements the ‘Everything as a Services’ Strategy

Jacqueline Shi, President of Global Marketing and Sales Service of Huawei Cloud, announced that the company will implement its new global strategy, “Everything as a Service”, in Indonesia. “Huawei Cloud will boost the implementation of this ‘Everything as a Service’ strategy to drive digital transformation in the local business sector and to support partners and startups,” said Shi in his virtual remarks.

Explained further, the Everything as a Services concept in Huawei Cloud includes Infrastructure as a Service, Technology as a Service, and Expertise as a Service.

Jacky Chen CEO Huawei Indonesia
Jacky Chen, CEO of Huawei Indonesia

Meanwhile, the CEO of Huawei Indonesia Jacky Chen emphasized that efforts to build a solid cloud foundation as the basis for a smart Indonesia have made Huawei Cloud the main choice for various logistics and major media companies in Indonesia. Without mentioning the value, Huawei Cloud will also increase its investment in the Indonesian market.

“We are optimistic that more government institutions, financial institutions, energy companies, transportation companies (carrier), and e-commerce platforms will decide to cooperate with Huawei Cloud,” said Jacky Chen.

Huawei Cloud Ambition in Indonesia

Huawei Cloud Indonesia

Huawei Cloud is committed to continuously improving its native cloud infrastructure. This infrastructure is resource-efficient and scalable, which can guarantee faster service launches and automated operations for local Internet subscribers.

Combining its digitization expertise, Huawei developed a proposed six-dimensional digital transformation framework with 70 metrics. Currently, Huawei Cloud serves various government institutions, financial institutions, telecommunications companies, and other large companies in Asia Pacific.

Huawei Cloud is also building an AI platform for national maritime in Indonesia in collaboration with local partners. This platform will simplify Indonesia’s fisheries sector in one platform, providing sustainable digital services for 2 million fishermen.

Huawei Cloud Indonesia is here armed with digitalization expertise and experience with 3 million customers around the world. It is also supported by a variety of new services developed through continuous annual R&D (R&D) investments. Huawei Cloud is working with local partners to build a digital ecosystem in Indonesia.

This new Huawei Cloud Indonesia region will come with the 3AZ DR architecture and has pocketed a level 6 certificate from the International Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI). Simultaneously, more than 60 new cloud services will be launched that offer the best user experiences in the areas of e-commerce, short video platforms, online gaming, as well as insurance and finance.

One Global Network built by Huawei Cloud will deliver premium cloud services and a consistent experience for customers, partners and developers. In the Asia Pacific region, Huawei Cloud has built a number of local network nodes in Singapore, Hong Kong (China), Thailand, and Malaysia. In this region alone, nearly 1,000 service technicians, O&M experts, and project managers are deployed to assist with the cloud migration process for Huawei Cloud customers. With the new 3AZ DR framework, Region Indonesia will achieve workload switching in minutes with no data loss.

During the Huawei Cloud Indonesia Summit, Jonathan Zhou, Vice President of Huawei Cloud Marketing, introduced eight innovative services, namely Huawei Cloud CCE Turbo, Ubiquitous Cloud Native Service (UCS), GaussDB, DataArts LakeFormation, real-time data warehouse, Low Latency Live (LLL), and the Pangu wave model. The Pangu wave model cuts wave predictions from hours to seconds, with a wave height prediction error of less than 10 cm. This is the first time these services have been introduced for implementation in Indonesia.

Asia Pacific is a key region for Huawei Cloud, and Indonesia is one of the largest countries in the region. Huawei Cloud works with more than 500 local partners to provide cloud services and solutions for hundreds of customers in more than 10 industry sectors, including logistics, media, finance, and government services.

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