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Evercoss Genpro X, Low-end 4G LTE Smartphone 4G LTE Features Fingerprint Sensor

evercoss genpro x

Based on market research conducted by the e-commerce site Lazada, the smartphone that is much sought by Indonesian consumers are in the price range of Rp. 1-1.5 million. This proves there is a big niche of the smartphone in the low-end market. Therefore, Evercoss who have known strong in the low-end smartphone class release of a new product called Evercoss Genpro X with a price under one million rupiah (below USD 100).

The company said that this smartphone has specifications very high for its class. Moreover, already equipped with the fingerprint technology which makes it more interesting. To launch this product, Evercoss in collaboration with Qualcomm and Lazada.

Evercoss Genpro X is called combine performance, design, and functionality with affordable prices which is the result of the close cooperation of the three strong brand. This unique combination makes this smartphone is optimistically predicted to be in demand in the market.

Evercoss Genpro X

Evercoss Genpro X comes with a good design and stylish. On the part of the body bandaged up with a list of chrome color with the configuration of 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM combined with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 212 speed of 1.3 Ghz. So, it is reasonable if the price is cheap because the processor chosen is the most low-end class in the ranks of the Snapdragon.

Shannedy Ong, Country Director Qualcomm Indonesia argued that although it is a processor for low-end, but the Snapdragon 212 is one of the most in demand and performance is most stable.

Evercoss Genpro X equipped with the 5 inches IPS screen and HD 720p quality. Users will enjoy the multimedia content, photos, videos, and games with more comfortable. Offers a sharp, bright and natural color.

Not only that, this phone also adopts the technology of fingerprint scanner, which offers better security. Located in the the back of the body just below the camera. You just put your finger on the key fingerprint, then the locked screen will immediately open.

This Smartphone also supports multi-carrier 4G LTE technology, making it easier for the users to choose the network operator preferred. In addition, it also has support also the technology VoLTE (voice Over LTE). This technology also has advantages compared to voice services in general. One of the advantages is that users can enjoy clearer sound with HD quality. Operators already support VoLTE service in Indonesia is Smartfren.

There is also a Gyro sensor. This Sensor serves to detect the rotation or rotation of a device based on movement.  These sensors work with the accelerometer for features such as tilting or rotating the phone. These sensors can provide orientation information more precision on Evercoss Genpro X until the rotation of 360 degrees.

On the camera sector is already embedded 13 mp rear camera and 8 mp front camera. The quality of the camera is quite capable of perpetuating the momentum of important. A variety of features the camera already embedded such as face detection, red-eye reduction, and other.

According to Ricky Tanudibrata, Business Development Director of PT. Evercoss Technology Indonesia, this smartphone has a high specification but sold at a price below one million. “In fact, if judging from the capabilities offered, the price of the smartphone is in the range of Rp1,5 millions, but the price Evercoss Genpro X only Rp 999,000,” said Ricky.

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