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To Strengthen the Network in Greater Jakarta, First Media Collaborate With Fiber Media


Collaboration is not only for those startup company. But also in many industries sector, one of them is internet service network. Like what PT Link Net Tbk that known as First Media do, in order to make the better internet service network they collaborated with PT Fiber Media Indonesia.

Both of them will work together in order to expand and improve the service and network quality of First Media in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi (Jabodetabek) area. For your information First Media is a company that provide TV Cable service and Fixed Broadband Cable Internet that pretty famous around Jabodetabek area. While Fiber Media is Fiber Optic based telecommunication infrastructure provider.

The President Director & CEO PT Link Net, Marlo Budiman, stated that First Media consistently showing their commitment in expanding through accelerating strategist network expansion and improving service quality to the customer. For that, their side fells that it need to collaborate with other partners.

Before collaborating with Fiber Media, they collaborate with PT Marga Mandalasakti (ASTRA Tol Tangerang-Merak) in installing telecommunication infrastructure that connect between Jakarta-Serang-Merak.

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Fiber Media Punya 14 Ribu Tiang Tumpu di Jabodetabek

First Media FIber Media

“The collaboration that First media did with their backbone provider and telecommunication infrastructure partners is carried out to facilitate our expansion strategy to major cities in Indonesia and provide sustainable growth” said Marlo, at press conference at Hotel Aryaduta, Jakarta (29/8/2019)

Further explained, that the collaboration with Fiber Media is beneficial because it can provide a vast pathway of growth in Jabodetabek area. Also this collaboration is possibly can make First Media service reach into many residential customer even corporate until nearest location with customer.

“In the future this collaboration will be developed until utilizing subduct together (underground joined fiber-optic network) following the direction of local and city government policy goes with effectively using pedestal pole and start moving fiber optic cable into underground,” said Marlo.

Meanwhile, the Director of PT Fiber Media Indonesia, Budi Aditya, at the same place said that fiber-optic path that used pedestal pole owned by Fiber Media is present in most of the places in Jabodetabek. “We hope to improve the coverage area of First Media and PT Fiber Media Indonesia with very high speed and reliability,” he added.

In detail, this collaboration allows First Media to access the pedestal pole owned by Fiber Media with a potential 140.000 pedestal pole or around 5.600 km that spread across Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi (Jabodetabek).

With a population reaching 32.134.017 person (according to BPS 2018), Jabodetabek is a bountiful market. With that, improving network and also a more thorough coverage in Jabodetabek is a must. Right now First Media service covered 1.675.0000 home passed in Jabodetabek area.


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