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Flash Sale in Lazada, GenPro X Smartphone Sold Out Thousands of Units

Genpro X smartphone

Evercoss, one of smartphone brand in Indonesia, working with e-commerce site Lazada hold back sales Genpro X smartphone program through a Flash Sale was held on Saturday 13 April from 11 until 2 pm. The enthusiasm of the community that is so high to produce record sales from Genpro X itself, which managed to sell 5000 units in a time of 3 hours.

The amount of interest, make Genpro X smartphone out of stock and rare in the market. Many requests from consumers to increase quotas were directly taken seriously by management Genpro. Confirmed to Suryadi Willim, Head of Marcom ATL Genpro says that the Flash Sale excited to tell you that the third is being prepared and will be announced in the near future.

“We’re trying our best to keep all consumer demand can be met. Request of Genpro X smartphone that makes some consumers willing to buy more expensive than the price sold in the online store. There are 100 thousand to 300 thousand above the price Flash Sale Lazada,’ said Suryadi Willim, Head Of Marcom Genpro.

On the first flash sale, which was held from 21-23 March 2017, Evercoss prepare 10 thousand units and in the first half of the day, the fingerprint smartphone that is priced under one million of these sold out sold out by the consumer. So this vendor add to the quota again as much as 10 thousand units,

For information, the Genpro X smartphone comes with a luxurious design and stylish. On the part of the body bandaged up with a list of color chrome with the configuration of 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM which combines with the Snapdragon processor Of 1.3 GHz from Qualcomm.

Genpro X smartphone is also equipped with an IPS screen measuring 5 inches with quality HD 720p. Users will enjoy the presentation of the multimedia content, photos, videos, and games with more comfortable. Offers a sharp, bright and natural color.

This Smartphone also supports 4G technology, LTE multi-carrier, making it easier for the users to choose the network operator preferred. Besides, it also supported the VOLTE (voice Over LTE) technology. There is also a gyro sensor and accelerometer that gives the orientation information more precision on the Genpro X until the rotation of 360 degrees.

On the side of the camera already embedded camera 13 mp rear camera and 8 mp front camera. The quality of the camera is already very capable of perpetuating the momentum of important. Diverse features of the camera are embedded with the perfect, such as face detection, red-eye reduction, and the latest features.


Genpro X Smartphone Tech Specs

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