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The Luxury of Samsung Galaxy S8 Gold Has Been Revealed


It has become a habit for Samsung that always launches a smartphone with a lot of color variant, so even with the Galaxy S8 which is predicted to be launched next month. How cool is it?

Based on leaks from Twitter [email protected], on Wednesday (21/3/2017), Galaxy S8 has the colors black and gray. The image leaked is believed to be taken from the promotional materials of this flagship smartphone.

What makes a hightlight, Galaxy S8 gold color look so luxury and reinforce the grade of this smartphone in the high-end class. While in the front of the visible frame that is almost bezel-less because at the top and bottom leaving a little space.

Samsung Galaxy S8

This latest smartphone is also believed to be waived the button “home” that has become the identity of the Galaxy S clan and other Samsung smartphones. Instead, the button is presented on the back side with the camera and dual-LED flash.

Just flipping the time, the color of the gold in the Galaxy S series was first present on the variants of the Galaxy S IV. When it’s Samsung accused of plagiarizing a variant of the steps Apple has launched the gold color on the iPhone 5s. However, allegations that eventually foundered after found the fact that this South Korea vendor had launched the smartphone with the gold color, named Galaxy Golden, long before the smartphones era invaded the mobile phone market.

From the rumors that wildly spread, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be available in two sizes, namely 5.8 inches for the original and 6.2 for Galaxy S8+. While for its specifications, this smartphone became the first smartphone to carry the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset 835 in the United States market. While the global market will be strengthened with the homemade chipset namely the Exynos 8895M or 8895V.

On the side of the camera, this smartphone will repeat the tradition of its predecessor by presenting the best camera feature. Yes, reportedly there will be a 13 MP dual-camera with a Sony sensor as a camera primarily.

Unfortunately, up to this moment, Samsung also has not issued any statement about this newest hero. As usual, we kind of made guesses, until finally struck when its launch at the Unpacked 2017. We only can just wait,  Gizmolovers!


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