Home News Following iPhone Footsteps, Google Make “iMessage” for Android

Following iPhone Footsteps, Google Make “iMessage” for Android

Google Chat Android
Google Chat illustration (Photo: Android Central)

Google is preparing a new generation SMS that is Rich Communication Service (RCS) Chat. This service will be applied massively to android users, they will bring their own version of iMessage named Chat.

Chat is an easier way to text on Android. It provides read receipts and ellipsis symbol like WhatsApp, Google said that RCS is used because its “friendly” to the users. Like iMessage users can choose to opt into the service or disable it if they don’t want it.

Starting from the UK and France this June, Android users will be able to enjoy this new texting service. Besides that, Google said that they will release RCS to another country “throughout the year”, but it will not be available in all regions by the end of the year the. The biggest problem in RCS that this service is not encrypted from end-to-end.

”We fundamentally believe that communication, especially messaging, is highly personal and users have a right to privacy to their communications. And we’re fully committed to finding a solution for our users.” Said the Product Management Director of Google Sanaz Ahari quoted from The Verge.

How Google’s Chat Works

Rich Communication Service (RCS) is a texting protocol between mobile telephone carriers and phone carrier around the world have agreed should replace SMS.it offers many futures you’d expect from modern messaging app, like a clean, intuitive and comfortable design, group chats, high-res photo sharing, instant notification and smart replies, high-quality attachments, read receipts, and typing indicator, and other MMS and SMS service.

Ahari said RCS will be on any android phone like Apple does to their iMessage. Google added that if users want to move the SIM card on another device that did not support RCS, the user will not receive any messages

It was unknown when Indonesia will receive the upgrade for texting service, let’s hope Indonesia will receive an upgrade at the end of the year.

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