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Huawei Defines ROADS to Value-Driven New Growth in Telco Industry

Huawei ROADS

In Open ROADS to a Better Connected World forum at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in 2017, Huawei said that the telecommunications industry is experiencing a digital transformation era that focuses on increasing customer satisfaction. Began to replace the concept of the business from investment-driven (focus on investment) to be value-driven (focus on value provided to customers). To answer the new challenges facing the telecommunications industry, Huawei introduces the concept of ROADS.

Through the concept of ROADS (Real-time, On-demand, All-online, DIY and Social), Huawei is committed to help operators in improving the quality of the network in order to achieve greater efficiency, increase revenue, and create sustainable business growth.

In addition, Huawei also helps operators to utilize the transmission data in order to provide new services, such as video as the main service and the cloud service, which can open up new business opportunities with a value up to reach trillions of dollars.

In the forum, which was held in Barcelona, Spain, last week, Huawei along with more than 100 operators and partners from all over the world doing a demonstration of technological innovation and ideas. The tech giant from China is also conducting discussions with the industry players discuss the latest trends in the world of ICT. Also, formulate the best steps to help telecom operators to increase the growth of their business that focuses on value-driven.

Eric Xu, Deputy Chairman and Rotating CEO said it has always focused to ensure customer satisfaction by continuing to provide more value and trying to be business associates that are reliable for customers “To create a connected world with more good in accordance with its mission, we encourage the ICT industry to adopt the concept of ROADS as the parameters of the company’s success in adopting digital transformation,” said Eric.

In addition to the concept of ROADS, Huawei also introduced the All Cloud Solutions that can help operators to compete in this digital era. All Cloud Solutions can support the operator to perform the transformation with a dynamic approach and on-demand that allows the operator to be able to increase the number of customers and meet customer demand quickly. With the presence of this solution, Huawei contributes to encouraging the digitization of the industry through technology and architecture, services that focus on user experience and the commercial value of digitization.


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