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IM3 Ooredoo Give Independence to Customers for Calls and the Internet with an Interesting Special Program

Paket IM3 Freedom Internet

As usual, in order to celebrate Indonesia’s 72nd Independence Day, many promotional programs are offered by several brand manufacturers, including operators. One of them is IM3 Ooredoo which gives independence program call and internet for its customers.

Through an official statement received by Gizmologi on Tuesday (08/16/2017), IM3 Ooredoo gives 10 GB Internet quota bonuses on all networks for all its customers, whether it’s buying new packages or extending the Freedom Combo and Freedom Internet Plus packages. The internet quota bonus increases automatically and can be directly used in all networks, be it 2G, 3G, and 4G.

When does the promo take effect? Starting today, Wednesday (17/08/2017), Gizmolovers! So customers can enjoy this quota bonus for internet using freely starting from 01:00 midnight until 06.00 am. Create who like to stay up while user the internet, would be very useful right? How to get it, you can access myIM3 application or * 123 #.

In addition to the internet, IM3 Ooreoo also provides additional packages of Obrol, where customers can call unlimited to fellow customers this service operator. This package of independence can be enjoyed by Prepaid Card subscribers and there are several packages available to suit your needs, which is claimed to be affordable from Rp 3,000.

With the package, Obrol, of course for you who like to chat via mobile phone will be able to feel independence without having to worry your deposit will be cut off . Especially for those who work more like to interact with voice services than data, of course this is very profitable, right?

According to Alexander Rusli, President Director and CEO of Indosat Ooredoo, this program is presented to provide full freedom for customers to call and surf. He also claims that his lead operator is at the forefront of program innovation for customers.

“IM3 Ooredoo has always been a pioneer and change agent in the telecommunications industry with the best product innovation that brings experience to the next level.With our services, calling and surfing is easy, practical, and without worry,” he said.

So, for you IM3 Ooredoo users already feel its independence?

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