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IM3 Ooredoo Bring Free Access to 10 Popular Apps and IDR1/second Phone Call

IM3 Ooredoo

From day to day, the competition of mobile operators in Indonesia increasingly fierce. Various ways are done to attract customers. Most recently, IM3 Ooredoo again popularized the old trend of an IDR1 / second gimmick call to all operators. But because calling is no longer something popular, the operator owned by Ooredoo Qatar adds it with free or no quota access to 10 popular apps.

The IDR1 / second phone call program and the free application access program from Indosat are very brave, as it has eliminated the potential revenue as a business company. Although of course, they have their own calculations, it will still be difficult to match the toughest competitor is Telkomsel both in terms of revenue and number of customers.

Through the program, customers do not have to worry to do internet activities such as chatting, posting, browsing, and email, and call to all operators. IM3 Ooredoo customers can use their favorite daily apps without spending the main quota and enjoy free calling with Rp1 / second to all operators.

This innovation is called as a continuation of IM3 Ooredoo mission in giving internet freedom to customers in Indonesia. Customers can enjoy the most popular social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Path; Chat apps like Whatsapp, BBM, Line, and Facebook Messenger; And transport-based applications like Gojek, Grab, and Uber. All the customers favorite daily apps can be enjoyed without using the main quota.

As for the phone call program, giving freedom to make calls to all operators. But with a note, the customer calls at a rate of Rp1 / second to all operators for the first 30 seconds only.

Alexander Rusli, President Director & CEO of Indosat Ooredoo said it understands that customers love to use many applications and still want to communicate over the phone.

“With No Quota Application and IDR1 / second to all operators, IM3 Ooredoo can deliver products that have the 2 best benefits at once in one unmatched package Why limit yourself to only one application when a customer can use all his favorite apps without spending a quota IM3 Ooredoo provides both, best for the best internet and rates to call.Customers now do not need to choose anything else, “Alex said.

The benefits in this product can be enjoyed by all Ooredoo IM3 package customers without the need to pay expensive, ranging from Freedom Starter pack, Freedom Mini, Freedom Internet Plus, and Freedom Combo. Now customers can communicate with family and all their friends using their favorite apps and phone calls. Whatever Freedom package is used, all the benefits can be yours.

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