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Indonesian TikTok Users Watch 100 Videos Daily, 30 Billion Views Monthly

tiktok #BelajarBareng

Ater sparking controversy and even being blocked in the early days of its presence in Indonesia, TikTok has now grown to become one of the leading video sharing platforms. Although there are still obstacles in other countries such as the United States (US) and India, TikTok Indonesia’s progress seems to be skyrocketing.

The platform made by ByteDance from China received a pretty good response from netizens in the country. As more and more people use the application to create content, the coffers of revenue from advertisements are flowing increasingly swiftly. To coincide with the 3rd anniversary celebration in Indonesia, TikTok launched the #SamaSamaDariTikTok campaign.

According to Angga Anugrah Putra, Head of User and Content Operations, TikTok Indonesia, the campaign is a form of appreciation for creators, industry players and TikTok connoisseurs who have made TikTok not only a vehicle for creativity but also an impact on trends.

Indonesian TikTok users actively watch videos

Angga explained, #SamaSamaDariTikTok is a campaign to celebrate a trend that started with TikTok. Starting from the success of TikTok creators whose work has been recognized by many people through their content on TikTok, the trend hashtag challenges that inspire, to music from Indonesia which is increasingly recognized in the world.

Although it doesn’t reveal in detail the total number of users in Indonesia, TikTok provides quite fantastic data. “Indonesian TikTok users watch more than 100 videos per day on average. Meanwhile, the broadcast reaches more than 30 billion views in a month, “said Angga in a virtual press conference that was held on September 17.

Meanwhile Fandhy Thesia, Marketing Manager of TikTok Indonesia, added that many creators and musicians who use the TikTok platform have succeeded in changing their lives and those around them through their creativity and talents.

“We hope that in the future, TikTok will not only remain an inspiring forum but also create trends not only in Indonesia but also reaching other continents,” added Fandhy.

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Pandemic Becomes Creative

The pandemic that causes everyone to stay at home does not seem to dampen users’ creativity to create various content. Those are the findings revealed by TikTok Indonesia. So that when they launched the #SamaSamaBelajar challenge it became a trend in itself.

Content appears that provides a variety of tips, from how to do math problems, photography and video tricks, to learning foreign languages. Challenges such as #wipeitdown and #passthebrush are also widely followed and developed by creators, showing limitless creativity.

“This year is different from the previous year. The creativity of TikTok users is not only to entertain but also to provide a sense of connection and to encourage each other through this Covid-19 pandemic. We are grateful that for 3 years TikTok has been a home for the creativity of the Indonesian people, “said Angga, in a virtual press conference that was held on September 17.

Become a Medium Musician to Go International

The music video for “Lathi” by Weird Genius actually inspired the creators to reconstruct the transitional scene in the video into their own version, which ultimately made this song one of TikTok’s most popular viral content.

The song “Like the Sky” from Portrait also went viral on TikTok after being heavily integrated with the Focus on Me feature, and became a trend among overseas creators, including Howie Mandel and the official NBA account. K-pop songs such as ZICO’s “Anysong” and Blackpink’s “How You Like That” also took the top spot, complemented by creative content from domestic creators.

According to Adib Hidayat, a music observer and Editor in Chief of Billboard Indonesia, with the digital world getting closer to our lives, the music feature on the TikTok application can become a new medium for domestic cross-generation musicians to promote their songs.

“The interaction that occurs between the song and the public, even online, can foster a sense of attachment to the song, which in turn makes the music memorable and famous. In addition, TikTok can become a new medium for an effective promo strategy for musicians during a pandemic like this, “he explained.


Popular Content on TikTok Indonesia

Indonesians are indeed known as a humorous nation, and it can be seen from the emergence of various types of comedy content on TikTok – from sketches, parodies, to stand-up comedy. Staying at home also seems to make creators happy with their various knowledge and skills, making educational content one of the most uploaded content on TikTok. And who doesn’t know Dalgona Coffee? Starting from the upload of the creator’s recipe, this coffee has been tried by many people and has been named TikTok coffee.

The spirit of “you’re both different, you’re both on TikTok” can be seen from the various creators who have been rising this year. There is Jharna Bhagwani who offers beauty content, Fadlan Holao from comedy content who has successfully started his career in the entertainment industry, Christina Lie with various business tips, Jebungg who has managed to amaze creators around the world with her melodious voice to Hokagay from culinary content.

Who would have thought that they could duet with various talented musicians and singers from other countries, including idol artists? Or create a new arrangement for supermarket song jingles? TikTok’s Duet feature allows creators to collaborate with each other to create new creativity. Singer Yura Yunita uses this feature with the hashtag #duetdirumah to continue working with other TikTok users. Francis Karel, an Indonesian singer living in the United States, took part in a duet challenge from singer Meghan Trainor, and received a live reply video praising his performance.

Not only for singing, but also for exchanging content. The #balaskomentar feature is also one of the most frequently used to connect with other users directly.

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