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Indosat Ooredoo Open 9 API for Hackathon IWIC 11 Developer

Hackathon IWIC 11

Indosat Ooredoo is arguably the pioneer of application development competition through IWIC (Indosat Ooredoo Wireless Innovation Contest) program which is now entering its 11th year. This year, the IWIC, which started in late September, has the theme “Digital Nation”. A series of activities carried out, one of which Hackathon IWIC 11.

A total of more than 200 Hackathon IWIC 11 participants consisting of young developers, local startups, students and young people from all over Indonesia. They compete to create mobile apps within 24 hours.

Different things in the implementation of Hackathon IWIC 11 is the use of API (Application Programming Interface) Indosat Ooredoo. The API which is a functional device and protocol for building software applications is provided Indosat Ooredoo to provide faster access to an application to be able to interact with customers.

Indosat Ooredoo provides access to 9 APIs that developers can use during Hackathon IWIC 11  ie SMS Broadcast API, Location-Based Advertising SMS API, USSD Push API, Carrier Billing API, Balance API, Device ID API, Location ID API, Data Quota API, and Subscriber Type Prepaid / Postpaid APIs. This is a breakthrough in the telecommunications industry where young application developers have the opportunity to know and use the Indosat Ooredoo API. The use of this API will make it easy for young developers and provide an overview as if they are directly serving Indosat Ooredoo customers through the applications they develop.

Joy Wahjudi, President & CEO of Indosat Ooredoo who just replaced Alex Rusli said his side always believe in the ability of the nation’s children to participate in developing the ecosystem of the digital world in Indonesia. Through the IWIC 11 Hackathon program, he hopes that many mobile digital applications can be easily accessed to provide solutions to the everyday problems of society that can also improve the Indonesian economy.

“Hackathon IWIC 11 this time we also introduce Indosat Ooredoo API to help developers develop new innovative applications quickly, utilizing the assets of services and data from Indosat Ooredoo,” said Joy.

Participants will compete to create mobile apps with categories such as Entertainment, Utility, Media (social media, chat, ebook), and Special Needs. During Hackathon, Indosat Ooredoo provides complete facilities for participants such as medical personnel complete with 24-hour standby ambulance, rest area, entertainment corner, food, and beverage. There are prizes of tens of millions of rupiah and certificates for the winners who are able to meet the criteria of the jury.

For information, on the IWIC 11 program, the competition categories that can be followed are Kids & Teens, Beginner, Professional, and Women & Girls. These categories will compete for ideas and applications in Entertainment, Utility, Media (social media, chat, ebook) and also Special Needs. Participants can create ideas and applications for the Android operating system, iOS, Windows Mobile. IWIC winners will get many exciting prizes including cash totaling hundreds of millions of rupiah and opportunities to visit global companies.

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