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Infinix S2 Pro Ready to Challenge OPPO F3 Plus and Vivo V5 Plus as Dual Selfie Camera Smartphone

Infinix S2 Pro

Selfie is still a selling point for smartphone manufacturers. Seeing OPPO smartphones and Vivo who succeed in this segment, Infinix was interested in playing in selfie smartphone through its latest product Infinix S2 Pro. Before presenting these products to the Indonesian market, the Hong Kong smartphone manufacturer is conducting selfie-related research.

Marcia Sun, SEA Regional Head of Infinix Mobile, said there are currently about 93 million photos shared and uploaded every day. But the problem is the difficulty of getting a picture thoroughly. For example, when photographed sometimes the background or the face of a friend is not immortalized in its entirety.

“Most people overcome this with a selfie stick or photo editing app, but we overcame it with the Infinix S2 PRO equipped with a 135 ° ultra-wide lens so we can capture all the fun moments we experience without anyone Left behind, “Marcia said.

Infinix claims that the 135-degree ultra-wide lens on Infinix S2 Pro is the first in the world. This is true. And this is what Infinix wants to find. Even Eko Susanto, Marketing Manager of Infinix Indonesia, when introducing the product openly compare it with competitors who play in the selfie segment of OPPO F3 Plus, LG K10, and Vivo V5 Plus.

On paper, if only seen from the basic specs only, seen Infinix S2 Pro win compared to its competitors. But is the quality really qualified? This still needs proof.

Eko gave the reason why the ultra wide lens is the mainstay. Because the human eye has the ability to capture objects up to 180 degrees and specifically strive to always capture as many objects as possible, sometimes even exceeding the capacity of the eye.

Images captured by the wide-angle lens of the Infinix S2 PRO are called radiating uniqueness and are able to arouse the eyes of the human eye. This also reduces the hassle of using selfie sticks and other selfie-wefie support accessories.

In addition to the ultra wide front camera that is suitable for selfie or wefie group, this phone has design advantages with a curved metal smartphone body to beautify the 2.5D screen that has been equipped with a glass cover IPS HD screen. Meanwhile, to support speed and stability, Infinix S2 Pro is powered by a Mediatek 64-bit Octa-core processor with 3GB of RAM and an X-charge 3000mAh battery.

To sell this smartphone, Infinix work together exclusively with Lazada. The shopping site now owned by Alibaba sells it to consumers from 8 to 16 May 2017 with a pre-order system. And when compared with the above competitors especially OPPO F3 Plus and Vivo V5 Plus into the premium segment, the selling price of Infinix S2 Pro is clearly the cheapest that only Rp 2.450.000. As a new player whose brand is still not as strong as OPPO, Infinix still looks like playing safe with not dare to sell its products in the premium class.

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