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JSCHive, New Coworking Space to Encourage the Growth of Digital Startup in Jakarta


For young entrepreneurs who are still in the stage of building a startup company, the existence of coworking space is very helpful. Because in addition to the more affordable price compared to office rent and immediately ready for use, coworking space makes it easy to build networks, collaborate, find investors. One of the new alternative coworking space that its location is very strategic with affordable price is JSCHive (Jakarta Smart City Hive).

This joint office space is the result of cooperation between Jakarta Provincial Government through Jakarta Smart City (JSC) with EV Hive. JSCHive is claimed to be the first coworking space in Indonesia to connect startups with local governments to simplify business processes for beginners.

This was expressed by Jakarta Governor Djarot Saiful Hidayat when inaugurated JSCHive on Dr. Street. Satrio No. 7, South Jakarta (22/6). In his speech, Djarot said the coworking space was built from the idea of Basuki Tjahaja Purnama or familiarly called Ahok when he served as Governor. The idea departs from the slow process of administration for the growth of creative industries for young people.

“This is the idea of Mr. Ahok a year ago by looking at the slowness of the administrative process for the growth of a dynamic young man’s soul to set up a pioneering company. Then take advantage of Jakarta Capital City’s unused assets to be used as coworking space in cooperation with private parties,” said Djarot.


Djarot Saiful Hidayat, DKI Jakarta Governor (two from left) and Willson Cuaca, Chairman EV Hive (third from left) at ceremonial launching of JSCHive in Jakarta  (06/22)

With the JSCHive, it is expected to further facilitate beginner startup relationship with DKI Jakarta Provincial Government to simplify the initial process of doing business and increase economic growth in DKI Jakarta. The goal is to create more productive and sustainable technological ecosystems that can improve the economy as a whole.

Meanwhile, Wilson Weather, Chairman of EV Hive & Managing Partner of East Ventures, said JSCHive provides event area, meeting room, personal office and Flexi desk. Members can access coworking space facilities starting from RP 300,000 per month membership and various other package options including the dedicated office.

As part of EV Hive, every JSCHive member can enjoy multilocation access allowing members to work in EV Hive branches and access to EV Hive Connect, a platform for the startup that provides management software, legal counsel, and access to the investor, corporate and startup networks.

“The collaboration is presented to support startups in Jakarta by providing a more conducive and affordable workspace JSCHive is designed to facilitate discussions and collaborations between government and digital startup companies,” said Wilson.

Described further, JSCHive offers a place and government support to simplify the overall licensing in Jakarta. With JSCHive, it further strengthens the work platform, corporate services and EV Hive community suite for all members.

In partnership with Pemrov DKI, EV Hive claims itself to be the largest coworking space provider in Indonesia based on the most innovative locations and community development programs. Currently, EV Hive network has four locations. Three of them are in Jakarta (The Maja, D.Lab Menteng, JSCHive Kuningan), and one in BSD City, Tangerang (The Breeze). To meet the demand for EV Hive platforms, EV Hive plans to open five new locations by the end of 2017, extending the total trace of EV Hive to 9 locations in Indonesia.


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