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Turn Back Hoax, Kurio Use Machine Learning Technology



The number of hoaxes and clickbait news circulating, causing unrest of the people in Indonesia. Even President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) on one occasion said, hoax containing incitement, slander, lies, to hatred in social media can threaten the unity of the nation and state of Indonesia. This makes the news aggregator app, Kurio, want to take part in reducing its spread.

Reduce the spread of the hoax news became an issue that wants to be taken by Kurio, so that the users can use reasoning in selecting, reading and spreading the news. As more and more advanced technology, the Kurio which has become a gathering place for hundreds of news sites, want to make sure every news contained in the application is already in the filter first.

Therefore, the startup that became part of the Group Djarum utilizes the Machine Learning technology that is designed in such a way as to distance the user from the temptation of click click bait article. So the hoax news is not easy to consumption and distributed by the users. Kurio will also continue to develop its products with the help of technology continues to grow so that more people can be trained to read and deploy correctly.


David Wayne Ika, CEO & Founder of Kurio, based on the press release we received, said his team has been designing an algorithm that is well-groomed to reduce the influx of news hoaxes. They developed the Machine Learning technology in the application as well as to help to spread the news of the hoax did not spread more and more. He explains, through Machine Learning and algorithms, every article that enters is ensured will be filtered first so it does not get into the article stream.

According to the Kurio, information or news that can not be accounted for can cause provocation for the reader. More and more hoax news spread and the more people who read it and might believe with read. This need for awareness to be able to sort and filter the first information or the news that you want to consume before pass it through the various channel of social media.

It is also important for us to be smarter and wiser to accept the information that we get from social media. Basically information or news that is consumed from social media tend to be difficult to we filtered the truth because it can be from a variety of source types which are not trusted. Therefore, people are advised to read and share from a credible source.

Further, Machine Learning is a system that is built based on a specific algorithm that allows the software able to work independently with minimize human intervention. Kurio’s engineer designing artificial intelligence system that can always update its capabilities over time.

Explained further, in each of the system Machine Learning, at the beginning of the implementation will usually be obtained the high level of error. However, Machine Learning software-based can learn from the error that occurred. The more data that is processed, the error level is getting down, along with the level of accuracy that is higher. In Kurio, this is implemented in the automatic categorization, personalization, news prediction, until hoaxes detection.

Not only rely on Machine Learning, Kurio also involves a team of curators to curate content that has already been entered into the article stream. In addition to curating back content that has been entered, the team also ensures users Kurio get articles-helpful articles and the latest are summarized in the topics of Top Stories, freed from clickbait or hoax.

As information, the app Kurio currently available on smartphones for both iOS and Android platforms. Kurio has now been downloaded more than one million users, where 80% are a user of Android and 20% iOS users with a MAU (Monthly Active User) by 29%.

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