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Lazada: When It Comes Holiday Allowance, Indonesian People will Certainly Buy a New Gadget


Although known as a “departement” online store, Lazada admits that the gadget becomes one of the commodities most sought-after consumers. Even ahead of the Eid al-Fitr, aka Lebaran,  gadgets buying in this online store is fairly high.

This was disclosed by Haikal Bekti, Head of Online Marketing at Lazada Indonesia claim that every payday and holiday Allowances (THR) is the time shopping gadgets. He considered this has already become a part of nature the people of Indonesia in shopping online.

“Even without promotion, any date the date of the payday shopping for gadgets is high. So also when it can be THR Lebaran, gadget so the items sought. Eid supposing there should be new gadgets,” he said when met Gizmologi in the the breakfasting with the media event, which was held in Jakarta, Wednesday (31/5/2017).

Although not detailing what percentage and numbers of sales, Haikal said that the gadgets in the category of the big three that contribute to the income Lazada. As for the gadget in question is a smartphone and tablet.

“The second gadget is arguably so favorite, compete with other products available at Lazada,” he said while reluctant to mention the brand of any category of bestsellers in the online store.

Regarding the habits of the people of Indonesia, in a survey he did with 1,000 respondents, found that 50% of the amount of THR that they get allocated to online shopping during Ramadan. Then, as much as 82% of respondents also choose online shopping during Ramadan from the house with a favorite time i.e. lunch, before iftar and after Taraweeh.

Whether online shopping has become a habit in the month of Ramadan? As many as 57% of respondents stated buy 1 of the 10 items that are required during Ramadan online. Even 85% of them also choose the needs for the celebration of Eid al-Fitr online.

Well, in order to welcome Ramadan, Lazada held a variety of program, promo and discount held 19 May to 25 June. The program is 4x flash sale every day, various discounts with exciting themes each week, and discounts of up to 70% for the full month.

Lazada also held a donation program in which users of Instagram can be accounted for Rp 5000 just by posting photos with the hashtag #LazadaBerbagi #Lazada_ID. Later the results of the donations collected will be given to Yayasan Sahabat Anak in improving the quality of education of children who are less fortunate.


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