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Revealed! The LG V30 Will Bring Big Updates in the Camera Sector

LG V30

After the successful release of LG V20 in the smartphone market, LG Electronics slowly unveiled its successor product, the LG V30. The smartphone brand based in South Korea is sure LG V30 will bring a major update in the camera sector.

Not only offer aperture diaphragm that will be the largest in the smartphone with F1.6 aperture, LG V30 is said to also adopt a glass lens. According to Juno Cho, President of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company, the decision to adopt the glass lens on the LG V30 camera as this has always been a field of DSLR. “This will be a significant innovation for our V Series user segment,” Juno Cho said

If not preceded by competitors, the announcement of this LG V30 camera innovation will put it into the world’s first smartphone that has the largest aperture as well as the clearest lens.

As an illustration, the value of F1.6 aperture on the LG V30 is said to be 25% more light capture compared to smartphones that have aperture F1.8. Correspondingly, the use of glass-laminated lenses with Crystal Clear Lens headbands was chosen because of its better capability in capturing and collecting light when compared to plastic lenses. This ability makes it able to reproduce colors better. This is what he said makes this phone very suitable for photography and videography activities.

Along with these two major updates, LG V30 camera will also reduce the level of image distortion that usually occurs on the edge of the catch of the camera. LG said, the reduction of this distortion comparison to one-third compared to its predecessor LG V20 when shooting mode with a wide span (wide angle shot). This capability makes it best suited for shooting in large groups (wefies), large interior photos and splendid landscapes.

What makes these updates even more interesting, this will not make the rear camera module larger and more prominent. Even LG said the rear camera module LG V30 will appear 30% more slender than the LG V20 as its predecessor.

Complementing the comfort of its use, the operation of the V30 camera will get a special UX support complete with laser detection AF, Optical Image Stabilization and shutterbugs that will provide convenience and comfort of its use.

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