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LOOP Arena in 11 Cities Facilitating Young Indonesian Hobby & Creativity

LOOP Arena

After running since April 2017, Telkomsel through the program #HYPBarengLOOP finally inaugurated LOOP Arena as a container of expression and creativity for young people in Indonesia. The inauguration of the LOOP Arena also indicates that infrastructure facilities whose development is tailored to the needs of young people in each city are ready to be used to accommodate their various hobbies.

The launch of LOOP Arena is held simultaneously in 10 cities, namely Medan, Pekanbaru, Lampung, Serang, Bogor, Cirebon, Semarang, Malang, Balikpapan, and Manado. As for the one in Makassar opened tomorrow on December 10, 2017.

Nirwan Lesmana, Vice President of Brand and Communications of Telkomsel, said it is happy LOOP Arena is ready to be used to accommodate various hobbies and creativity of young people in Indonesia. “Throughout the program #HYPBarengLOOP we get a lot of feedback from young people in various cities, so hopefully LOOP Arena can be in accordance with their expectations,” said Nirwan.

The launch of LOOP Arena is enlivened by various collaborative performances from the local community. In several cities, Han Yoo Ra, Ronal Surapradja, David John Schaap and Bisma Karisma have been keen to develop their hobbies and creativity to inspire young people in Indonesia.

The event then closed with ‘Fun Games Competition’ such as BMX freestyle, Skateboard trick, and Dance whose winner will be determined by the judges. The excitement of LOOP Arena inauguration activity can be watched through live streaming on loop.co.id and YouTube’s Telkomsel.

Executive Vice President of Jabotabek Area Jabar Telkomsel Ririn Widaryani (second from left) and Bogor Mayor Bima Arya (third from left) when inaugurated LOOP Arena Bogor at Taman Sempur Bogor (9/12/2017).

Nirwan then stated that LOOP Arena can continue to be used for all circles and hope to make LOOP and Telkomsel in general, can be closer to the customer. He also advised that the LOOP Arena is kept together so that everyone can join the facilities to develop their hobby there.

Meanwhile, for the operational area Jabotabek Area Jabar own, Executive Vice President Area Jabotabek Jabar Telkomsel Ririn Widaryani further added, young people in the city of Bogor, Serang, and Cirebon now can enjoy the public facilities to channel his positive and creative hobby through LOOP Arena which is now has been present in Taman Sempur (Bogor), Maulana Yusuf Stadium (Serang), and GOR Bima (Cirebon).

The presence of LOOP Arena in the three cities is also expected to strengthen the penetration of LOOP brand products among young people, with a variety of service packages that fit the digital lifestyle needs of local youth community.

Previously in the city of Bogor, LOOP brand also held an activity I LOOP RUN 5K which invites young people to both cities to encourage a healthy lifestyle through running sport. With around 3.9 million LOOP customers and growing in the operational area of Jabotabek Area Jabar, which is dominated from the segment of junior high school customers to universities, Telkomsel believes LOOP brand product penetration will be increasingly in demand by young people, especially with product package variants based on broadband and digital that match the dynamic, creative, and open young character with technological advancement.

“We also hope that the presence of LOOP Arena facility in Bogor, Serang and Cirebon city which is fully supported by synergy with local government can be a good way to develop the creative potential of young people in each city through positive and responsible hobbies,” said Ririn.

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