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The “Anti-lagging” Luna G Smartphone Projected to be Sold 60 Mio Unit a Month in Indonesia

Luna G

Successful in South Korea, smartphone Luna expecting a similar fortune in Indonesia through the debut of the Luna V55C in 2016. But this product is not too successful in the market because the price is considered too expensive compared to the features and specifications offered. Don’t want to pessimistic, the company released its second product this month that is Luna G.

If Luna V55C targeting the premium segment with a price above IDR 5 million, Luna G downgrade on the market that more fat in the price range of IDR 2 to 3 million. Nevertheless, this phone has been equipped with a variety of features and the latest technology, even claimed to work quickly and smoothly.

Luna G is claimed to be the best smartphone in its class. With an affordable price, this product has features as well as in the premium class smartphone. This smartphone is armed with a Mediatek Helio P10 Octa Core processor that has a clock speed of 1.8 Ghz. Meanwhile, 4GB RAM  was fairly large. Larger than Luna V55C that only 3GB.

Equipped with a Mediatek Helio P10 64 bit processor, making Luna G without the constraints of being able to run the application daily as well as game weight classes. Meanwhile, with RAM of 4 GB make this smartphone without constraints when opening multiple applications simultaneously. In addition, the smartphone Luna G is already using the Android OS Marshmallow.

To prove his claim, the Luna Indonesia hired Monica Carolina, the first professional women gamers in Indonesia. The beautiful gamer with Nixia nickname has been testing the phone for a week. Smartphone Luna G used to run various activities, especially games.

“I try to use it to play some popular mobile games weight classes including the Vainglory during the day, the performance of the phone is able to work with powerful. The battery was found to be quite durable,” said Monica.



Dibekali dengan prosesor Mediatek Helio P10 64 bit, menjadikan Luna G tanpa kendala mampu menjalankan aplikasi harian serta game kelas berat. Sementara itu dengan RAM sebesar 4 GB menjadikan smartphone ini tanpa kendala ketika membuka beberapa aplikasi secara bersamaan. Selain itu smartphone Luna G sudah menggunakan OS Android Marshmallow.

Untuk membuktikan klaimnya tersebut, pihak Luna Indonesia menggandeng Monica Carolina, gamer perempuan profesional pertama di Indonesia. Gamer cantik yang lebih populer dengan sebutan Nixia ini telah menguji ponsel selama seminggu.  Smartphone Luna G dipakainya untuk menjalankan berbagai aktivitas, terutama game.

“Saya mencoba menggunakannya untuk memainkan beberapa mobile game populer kelas berat termasuk Vainglory selama seharian, kinerja ponsel ini sanggup bekerja dengan powerful. Baterainya pun ternyata cukup awet,” ujar Monica.

Statements from Monica is then agreed by Suryadi Willim, Head Of MarComm ATL Luna Indonesia. This phone can be used for daily activities smoothly. “If used to play the game just does not experience obstacles, it should be for normal use was not a problem,” said Suryadi.

How about battery life? This sector has also become one of the selling points of Luna G. With a battery capacity of 4000 mAh, the user does not need to worry about running out of power when running a variety of applications, both games, camera, video, music, or other features.

A Smartphone that can run on multi-operators network (GSM-CDMA), comes with a stylish design with a landscape screen 5.5 inch IPS FHD(full high definition), 1,920 x 1,080 pixels which are covered with hard glass 2.5 D. The advantages of 2.5 D screen is visible from the side of aesthetic and ergonomic design that makes the look of the Luna G more elegant and luxurious impression as well as look more interesting. Likewise, with the resolution of a Full HD screen, the Luna G displays screen looks more clear and sharper.

Another feature is this phone has a rear camera of 13 MP and a front camera of 5 MP. The quality of the camera that possessed Luna G already includes the qualified. A variety of features and modes the camera has already been embedded with the perfect, such as landscape mode, night, sports, and other modes. The quality of the camera is deemed to be qualified for a variety of objects.

System security was further enhanced by adopting the technology scene fingerprint scanner that offers the high level of security, while the convenience of use. Luna G also already support the technology of Gyro sensor and accelerometer that can provide orientation information with greater precision until a rotation of 360 degrees.

“Targeting the middle class, Luna G comes with an affordable price of Rp.2.699.000. We are optimistic that Luna will be in demand in the market,” added Suryadi.

For the initial stage, Suryadi revealed, Luna G will be marketed as much as 10 thousand units in the online store. For three days the preorder since it opened on 17 April, this phone has already booked a half or five thousand units. As for the offline in all networks the distribution channel both modern and conventional, has prepared 50 thousand units in the first month.

Our comments:

“Anti-lagging” basically just marketing language. Need to evidenced from the various testing. Usually, the new phone performance is still fresh. Run various apps and games run smoothly. But after a few months of usage, with installed many applications with the use of diverse, usually there will be a decrease in performance. There is stable and smoothly, there are starting to be problematic. From this can be concluded, whether the smartphone is worthy of the anti-lagging or vice versa.


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