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Here’s Main Feature of IDOS, the Indonesia Operating System Developed by Advan


Strive for a step ahead compared to a fellow local brand competitor, Advan performs differentiation by developing IDOS. Operating system interface based on Android is made to enhance the user experience a diverse range of activities with a mobile phone.

IDOS is an acronym for Indonesia Operating System which until now has reached version of IDOS 6.1.2 with the base Android Marshmallow 6.0 where consumers can already try it in the latest smartphone Advan G1.

Tjandra Lianto, Marketing Director of Advan, said the IDOS has a user interface specifically designed based on the needs and habits of the people of Indonesia. “The existence of IDOS make the display interface of this phone is fresh and user-friendly. We developed with a variety of advanced features to further improve the customer experience in using a smartphone Advan,” said Tjandra Lianto, during a press conference in Jakarta (04/17).

Tjandra Lianto, Marketing Director Advan, show-off IDOS (Foto: @mrbambang)

For developing advanced operating systems, Tjandra revealed, Advan has its own team in Jakarta and Semarang, which amounts to between 20 to 30 people. In the process of development, the company has completed millions of bugs while developing the security protection of consumer data. This year, they are developing IDOS 7 which comes with a more feature-rich as well as support for Android 7.0 Nougat.

Tjandra also did not deny that the development of IDOS this is one way to qualify the TKDN (Domestic Content Level) 4G LTE smartphone which has now reached 30 percent. He didn’t mention in detail the value of the contribution of the development of IDOS is how many percents, but according to him is not too large.

“Our goal is to make IDOS is to provide a new experience for smartphone users in Indonesia. And we will continue to develop it so that its performance is more powerful and rich features,” he said.

For the moment, IDOS still developed for the latest smartphone made by Advan. Although it doesn’t close the possibility to cooperate with the other smartphone brand if they want to use it.

Main Features of IDOS 6.1.2 

IDOS 6 has four major updates, ie Security, Smart Management, Power Saving, and Unique Feature. The following is the explanation for each feature.


  • Anti-Theft: Protect the user from the access of strangers to the gadget. When you enter the password 3x wrong, then it will be automatically photographed.
  • A user data encryption system: Protect user data with the encryption system ber-password when trading/shopping online.
  • Apps Lock: Secure your device by locking app to keep your privacy. Application example: Photo, Picture, SMS, Apps (Whatsapp, Wechat, etc.), Contact
  • Guest Mode. You can lend your device without the worry of unwanted access

Power Saving

Has 3 battery saving mode, namely:

  • All-Time Saving: Optimization of savings for normal use.
  • Smart Saving: Able to recognize the application running and adjust power usage.
  • Ultra Saving: Saving extreme, to prioritize the basic functions of communication.

Smart Management

  • Health Guard: the App that could monitor the use of your device as well as a reminder to always keep your health
  • Picture in Picture: Fixed current day while watching a video anywhere and anytime, is one of the greatness feature of the new IDOS with PiP
  • Scan the QR ID: Save the data of your contacts simply Scan the Barcode ID, is cool, practical and personal

Unique Feature

  • Shake to shot & play: Access the camera quickly without changing hand positions, simply by shaking the device and listening to music becomes much more fun with Shake to Play, just shake your device to switch songs
  • Quick touch: access your shortcuts for a variety of activities, ranging from back into the Home, Screenshot, Airplane mode, Ringtone Profile, etc.
  • One touch command: a single touch to perform a specific function, in this case, is clean up the garbage in the memory so that the performance becomes back fresh, and change the wallpaper to make a new look.
  • Quick Universal Search: Without the trouble of looking for the app that you want, simply swipe from the bottom upwards and to the Quick Universal Search to type the app you want
  • Guide Muslims: For those users that are followers of Islam, this app is very useful to facilitate Your worship. Start of prayer time, the mosque nearby, the direction of the qiblah to Quran recitation.

How do You think the features of the IDOS above? For us, there has been no breakthrough or features that are totally new offered in this operating system. Since most are already found in the interface of other manufacturers or there are third-party applications. Something unique about Indonesia is also still not there. But at least, we appreciate the efforts of the Advan for one step more advanced than a smartphone manufacturer. Because it has begun development of a smartphone interface that character. We wait for the next innovation.


IDOS Infographic

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