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Malware Attacks Found, Apple Mac No Longer Secure?


Apple devices that have been known more secure than Windows was vulnerable as well. Not long ago, the data security agency Fortinet reported that Apple Mac devices have become an attractive target for cyber-world attackers. That’s because of their growing popularity and demographics of their users.

C-suite executives and marketing teams are more likely to use Apple Mac devices. These individuals not only share valuable information but are often technically incomprehensible. Therefore, it is less likely to support their device, encrypt the stored data, or perform the best security measures.

New attack opportunities and threat vectors also make targeting Apple Mac devices easier and more attractive. For example, Fortinet FortiGuard Labs’ threat research team started looking at the development of hacking tools that targeted cross-compatible software.

In addition, it’s getting easier for cyber criminals to improve their operations on the Mac. Because of the emergence of cybercrime-as-a-service, cyber criminals have begun to build “franchises”. Instead of targeting the Mac one by one as in the past, these cyber-world cyber criminals can now leverage pre-built technology to attack large numbers of potential victims in return for profit sharing.

When ransom for one device may not be too profitable professional criminals, but having hundreds of franchises targeting thousands of devices every day is sure to bring you plenty of benefits. At the same time, such an opportunity attracts many small-scale players, such as lone-wolf hackers from their parents’ homes.

Aamir Lakhani, the Senior Security Strategist at Fortinet, says when it comes to security, the only thing constant is change, whether it’s how networks evolve or how these changes create new opportunities for criminals. “It’s important for companies to achieve security from a holistic perspective. This includes ensuring that every device is protected from all threat vectors, including Apple Mac devices that were once considered safe, “Aamir said.


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How To Prevent Malware Attacks On Apple Mac Devices

In response to this wave of attacks, Fortinet recommends users of Apple Mac devices to take the following preventative measures:

  1. Apply patches and updates. Apple provides regular security updates. Users should make sure they take the time to implement it.
  2. Backup your device. Apple’s Time Machine service will automatically create a full system backup, which means that if a system gets a ransomware attack, one can easily clean up the device and perform an overall system recovery from backup. Regularly scan backups for vulnerabilities and keep these backups offline. Offline storage is very important because Time Machine backup systems are often constantly connected with supported devices, and are at risk of being compromised during attacks.
  3. Encrypt data stored in the device. While this may not be effective against the many variants of the ransomware it is still good because it can protect an organization if a device is infected with malware designed to steal files and data.
  4. Install an endpoint security partner. Look for an endpoint solution that not only protects your device but connects this security back to your network security strategy, enabling you to increase and share your threats intelligence to better protect your device and its assets.
  5. Spread security systems that protect against other threat vectors. Since email is still a major source of malware and infections, make sure the implementation of a strong email security solution. The same applies to network security devices, wired and wireless access control, cloud-based security, and network segmentation strategies that help detect, isolate, and respond to threats found in all distributed environments.

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